5 Things To Do After School

After School, many young boys and girls wile away a good quantity of their time which they could have use for some profitable ventures. This is a mistake so many have done and many of them are currently regretting this mistake and as such, I have decided to put this little article together, peradventure it might be beneficial to few people. Let me start be saying that life is in stages and any time wasted cannot be regained at all. After secondary school, the next thing is to proceed to the university.

after school

Between the time of your exit from secondary school and the time you gain admission in the university, it could be as long as permitting you to learn a very vital skill which might help you on the long run. Using the Nigerian academic system for example, it is expected that WAEC come before NECO and then NECO should end latest June. After NECO, you wait for between 2 – 4 months for you result. In between this time, you are expected to have written your JAMB and Post UTME. Then waiting for admission.

With the current academic pattern of our country, the admission lists comes out around September upward. But unfortunately, with our nation’s education pattern, nobody can guarantee that you will get admission that same year.

I have come across many people who say they spend more than 2 years at home after school, before gaining admission. Some say they spent 3 years, others 4 years and some even spent more. I spent 1 year after school at home but my eldest brother spent 4 years before gaining admission.

One of my greatest regret so far is that I never learnt any skill within this one year of idleness. I wish I had an adviser who advised me to learn something profitable. Probably, some of the financial challenges I had in the University might had been overcome.

Therefore, looking at the mistake I made and the extent to which I have regretted it thus far, I will not want you to make such mistake as well. Do your best to engage in something profitable after school, while you wait for admission into higher institution. Stay aloof for my book titled “the tough minded youth”. In the book, I treated most of what I am about to write and even more. This idea I a m about to share with you is what I term WWW in my book which means Work While Waiting. So expect it soon.

Without wasting much of your time, I will go straight to the point by listing 5 things I recommend for every secondary school leaver. Though, I do not wish to limit this article to only secondary school leavers. In Nigeria, after the Junior WAEC, the student still waits for about 4 months before continuing to SSS1. So therefore, turn every waiting time to a working and learning time. At this point, here we go.

1. Learn a trade or craft
Learning a trade or craft is one thing I highly recommend because of the nature of our country. Our country has become a battling ground where only the strong can survive. If only the strong can survive, then what is the lot of the weak? The weak ones will keep on dying like grasses. Most times, we get so disappointed in life because of the people we depend so much on.

At one important time or the other, they fail us and indeed, it is not funny at all. One of the ways out of this mess is to learn a trade or craft. This will bring money to your way when no one will. It will also make you intentionally independent. Looking at our society, there are so much opportunities available for you. Many people claim that they do not know what to do or they cannot see what suits them.

Sadly, that is the excuse of a lazy person. Learn a craft that will be profitable to you on the long run. Do not learn the craft just to fulfill all righteousness or because I asked you to. By the way what and who guarantees that you will get a job with your certificate after the efforts you put into studies. Learn a craft and take it seriously.

Some of the craft and trade you can learn, which I have seen and heard of some people who made much living from it even while in the campus are; tailoring, repairing phone, repairing generators, interior decoration, painting, driving, selling items (like, shoes, clothes, wrist watches) and lots more.
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2. Get a computer skill
When I did my Industrial training in Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education in Owerri Imo state Nigeria back then in 2015, I was very happy with what I saw. I worked under the ICT section of the college and we organized a 3 months computer training for young people.

To my surprise, 100% of our students were young boys and girl who just finished with their junior Certificate Examination and were all below 15 years. Within these 3 months, all of them were experts in the packages which they learnt. The packages they learnt include: Microsoft Word, powerpoint, excel, corel draw, publisher and appreciation.

Really, you will be amazed with what a 12 year old girl will design for you after undergoing such a training. Therefore I highly recommend that at all cost, get a computer skill after school instead of whiling away your precious time. If you have observed carefully, you will discover that we are in a digital world now and most of the high paying jobs require a great knowledge of computer.

There are much computer programs available which has the ability of liberating you from poverty as long as you live on earth. There are many people who their major source of survival is graphic designing. Some it is website designing and so on. Therefore the computer skills I will recommend are, website designing, graphic designing, blogging, the computer skills earlier stated, database, networking and more.

3. Become a private lesson tutor
Instead of wiling away your precious time after school, you can also start upon extra lesson classes or seek a job in the already existing ones. It has been tested and proven that the best way of learning is by teaching. Prepare students for WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, JAMB and other examination body. About 30% of students today enroll in one extra lesson class in a bid to prepare themselves for their forthcoming examination. Therefore, seize this opportunity and convert it to your advantage. Although you need a great deal of knowledge in that particular subject for you to be able to do it. Therefore for the sake of the knowledge, the next thing you do after college is …

4. Keep reading
As much as learning never ends, reading should not also end. Reading should be a day to day habit for every student. In the campus, you will find out that in some cases, most of those student who spent years before gaining admission tend to have dull brains compared to those who got admission immediately. Since you cannot guarantee that you will gain admission immediately, then you must keep reading so that your brain will not lie fallow.

5. Get a part time job
The fifth thing you can do after school is to get a part time job. One of the reasons why I do like attending some entrepreneurship seminars is because the teachers teaches s if everybody must become an entrepreneur. If everybody is an employer, then who will be the employees. If everybody owns a company or business, then who will be our staff.

There are people that must just have to work for others. If they want to be on their own, they might not make it. Therefore, you can also seek for a part time job to do while waiting. But unfortunately, many people seek jobs after college just because they want to buy good clothes and expensive phones. But it is not supposed to be so. Get a job that will pay you and then save out of the salary you are been paid.

At this point, I have given you this little tips but I expect you to do much with it. There is no time for the idea and lazy ones. Prosperity does not accommodate the lazy people. Therefore get busy, get busy and keep getting busy. If you like this article, you can share it on Facebook and other platforms, appropriately referencing the source. Once again, anticipate my book titled “the tough minded youth”. When the book is ready, it will be advertised on this website, so do not forget to keep coming back.
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Updated: 17 December, 2018 — 10:09 AM

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