After School: And What if You Do Not Get Admission?

As you write your Waec and JAMB, your next thought is life in the campus. But have you ever thought of what will happen if you do not get admission. What are your core activities after school? With the current education system of our nation, you will find out that many secondary school leavers do not immediately get admission into the higher institution to further their studies. The big question now is, between the time you graduate from secondary school to the time you finally get admission, what do you do?

Recently, I got involved in a chat with a guy who wanted to use our platform to secure a scholarship to study abroad. As we proceeded in the conversation, he told me he graduated from secondary school 9 years ago. At this point, I got interested in knowing what he used these 9 whooping years to do. Unfortunately, there was nothing much he achieved within these nine years. Permit me to say that these 9 years were fully wasted years.

For crying out loud, nine years is enough for you to enhance your usefulness. Why seat at home after secondary school and doing nothing when there are loads of things to do. Let me remind you that time wasted cannot be regained. You can regain many things after wasting them, but as for time, you cannot regain it at all. I am also guilty of this subject I am writing on and that is why I do not want you to make the mistake I and many others made.

After my secondary school in 2010, I spent time doing some menial jobs for ends to meet. Within me, I thought I was a hardworking guy. But unfortunately, I never knew I was doing that in ignorance. I spent one full year before gaining admission because I did not write JAMB that same year. The time and effort I used in doing these menial jobs, I should have used it to acquire a skill.

You are bound to make certain mistakes as a human being. Most especially, when you lack advisers. For that reason, we at infoducation has taken it upon ourselves to provide meaningful counseling to as many people as we can. For more details, like our Facebook page and join our group. You can also contact us via whatsapp on (+234) 7064635053 or call us on (+234) 8160047711 for consultancy services (though it is not a free service). We will not stop until the aim of imparting and impacting values and virtues into young Nigerians is achieved.

So after secondary school and you do not get admission immediately, what do you do? Before I go ahead to outline what you should do, let me state clearly what you should not do.

1) Do not always sit at home seeing movies: The first thing you should not do after your secondary school is that you should not convert that time to seeing movies. Many young secondary school leavers convert this time to seeing movies and as a result, there is hardly any recent movie they have not seen. More surprisingly is the fact that most of them have seen almost every season film you can ever talk of. This is the first principle of time mismanagement. If you have been indulging in this act of constant movie watching, it is time to halt. The point here is not to discourage anyone from watching movies but rather apply you time wisely.

2) It is not time for resting and relaxation: Another thing worthy of note is that this is not time for resting and relaxation. You wake up early in the morning, do your morning chores, eat, bath, go out, come back and nothing reasonable is achieved. No, this is not time for such lifestyles. If you must succeed, then be informed that resting and relaxation comes at the end of the work. It will be foolishness to begin your resting along the way. Resting and relaxation will be enjoyed at the end or when success is achieve.

3) Do not glory yet: It is not yet time to start glorying. You are not the first person to graduate from secondary school. Many of the dropouts today have their O level. Therefore, there is nothing special about you finishing your secondary school. In one of my previous articles titled “advice to fresh graduates”, I clearly stated that they should not glory yet. If as a university graduate, you ought not to glory yet, then think of it as a secondary school leaver. Your main focus should be on what next and not just glorying and celebrating.

4) Do not always visit friends: As much as we encourage relationships and building friendship, yet this time should not be fully devoted to visiting friends. Experts have said that relationships and friendships will be better among people who have already succeeded. When you have made it big and your friends have also made it, that is when friendship will become as sweet as honey. When you and your friends will have their exotic cars. Think about it.

5) Do not always be online: At this time, for many people, it is all about Facebook, Whatsapp, instagram and so on and so forth. But unfortunately, this is not the time for that. Yes we must continue with our social lives but not to the extreme. Truly, in this 21st century, to stay updated, you cannot do without these social platforms. But the point here is that you should apply moderation. Be moderate in your use of the internet and do not abuse it.

6) It is not a time to read every novel: Reading is good. Yet we must differentiate between reading to learn and reading as a result of joblessness. At this stage, many people begin to read various novels as a result of their joblessness. This will not profit you in any way. If you must read ensure you read books that will enhance your knowledge. Read profitably.

7) Do not become a commercial bus conductor: Have you discovered that most bus conductors end up as touts? You might think that you are doing it in order to help yourself become industrious, yet little by little, you are been lost to the unmerciful hands of toutism. Therefore, of all things that pleases and catches your fancy, do not choose the profession of a commercial bus conductor as an option.

At this point, we have stated some things you should not be fully involved into because you are through with your secondary education. Therefore, let me proceed to outline few things you can do or should do within this period to enhance your usefulness.

Keep reading

After secondary school, what next? Keep reading. I am not trying to contradict the point I stated clearly when I asked you not to put all your efforts into reading novels. But I must encourage to you keep reading relevant books that helps you. For example, since you will proceed to the higher institution, endeavor to keep reading constantly and continuously. As much as learning never ends, then reading should also never end. You need to keep on reading in order to prepare for JAMB. You need to keep on reading in order to constantly refresh your brain.

Get a job

The next advice I have for every secondary school leaver is to get a job. Idleness will not do you any good. Get a job that will always take you out of your home. Work hard and who knows if you will be able to save up enough money to process your admission into higher institution. But, I will not advice that you pick up any kind of job that comes across your way. For example as a young chap doing security job and sometimes, he will be on night duty. There will be a great sense of insecurity. This will become like the case when a security man needs security. In like manner, know what you want before looking for a job. Know the kind of job you want before you venture into job hunting, but ensure that you do not become lazy.

Become an extra lesson tutor

To enhance your usefulness while waiting, become an extra lesson tutor. This will help keep your academically sound and fresh. There are lots of tutorial centers you can seek jobs. Many centers prepare students for their next examinations so therefore you can enroll into any. This will provide you an opportunity to earn while teaching.

Acquire a skill

Endeavor to acquire a profitable skill, seeing that the future is fully unpredictable and not certain of what it carries. There are lots of profitable skill out there for you to learn. Also considering the fact that nobody can guarantee that you will be offered admission. Bearing this in mind, then ensure that you learn a skill not considering the time available you.

Higher institutions will only give you a paper-like certificate. No one knows if your practical knowledge will be enhanced. Therefore do not joke with the concept of acquiring a skill. Some skill to learn include, photography, mechanic, welding, painting, carpentry, tailoring, liquid soap making, bead making, baking, decoration etc. Therefore do not waste meaningful time doing meaningless things.

Get a computer skill

The role of a computer skill in this generation cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, in all your getting, get a computer skill. Learn packages like, Microsoft word, excel, power point, Corel draw and other important skills. Do not forget to also pay attention to learning one or more programing language. Also try website design and lots more.

Start up a business

You can also start up a business. It might be so little but profitable as time goes one. There is nothing wrong with been a young business owner. Therefore think about it. There are also some businesses that needs very little capital to start up. Therefore, just endeavor you do something. If you need counseling on the kind of business to do as a young secondary school leaver, contact us through the following channels. Like our Facebook page and join our group. You can also contact us via whatsapp on (+234) 7064635053 or call us on (+234) 8160047711 for consultancy services (though it is not a free service).


In conclusion, make sure that after your secondary school, you do not just waste your time waiting for admission. Does it mean that if admission does not come, you will not achieve anything? Therefore, pay undivided attention to enhancing your usefulness.

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