An Advice For Every Student – Learn To Do Little Things

This is an advice from a concerned fellow. Thus this article is titled “Learn to do Little Things“. Life they say is not a bed of roses. At one point it’s rosy and at another point it seems to be like hell. The life may not always go as planned. Therefore plans and strategies must be devised in order to keep on moving amidst all odds. Many people have given up because of financial hardship, and someone somewhere is still planning to give. Some students have deferred their studies in order to go seek for fund and then return at a later time (which they might not return). This article provides meaningful guide which will help you amidst severe financial difficulties. There are whole lots of opportunities around your arena. The land is still virgin and as such has not even been exploited. The road is too large that it accommodates as many competitors and hustlers as possible.

little things

In the quest to go far and further, you must learn to do little things. It is an accepted fact that a journey of a thousand miles is started with a step. Also, it has been said that little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Learning to do little things is the greatest and surest secret of becoming big. Majority of the most successful businesses in our country and globe today is owned by people who never had as much as they do now. The Bible exhorts us not to forget the days of little beginning. For the sake of this article, the word LITTLE will be used as an acronym which means
L: Less capital
I: Idea
T: Try repeatedly
T: Think beyond the present
L: Love what you do
E: Expand your coast

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Less Capital

When we talk of starting with less capital, it simply means starting small. Its very unfortunate that most people sit down and waste their available resources and yet complain about the nonavailability of resources. The little fund you have with you can start up a little business for you. You must not invest it into betting, gamblings and ponzi scheme. Little fund can do little things which will inturn become a great thing.


A lot of people think that men with money rule the world but little do they know that it is men with idea that rules the world. The richest people on the globe made their fortunes through the little ideas they had which along the line turned out to be great hits for them. Show me a man who has money without idea and I will show you a man who will soon squander his wealth. Show me a man who has idea without money and I will show you a man who will soon take over the niche in the shortest possible time once the little capital arrives. Do you have idea of any particular business or craft? Can you repair a spoilt laptop or phone? Can you bake? If yes, here you are. But if no, look for something you can do well. Idea is what makes the difference. Idea is the gulf between poverty and prosperity. Your idea can liberate you for life. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook said, “Ideas don’t come out fully formed, they only become possible when you work on them”.

Try Again

Life is actually not straight forward. Failure is part of the game of life. In fact, failure is one of the steps in the ladder to success. Therefore, we must never give up in our pursuit for greener pasture. I define success as failure plus effort plus failure plus determination plus failure plus prayer. For sure, great men of repute failed at one point or the other in their life. Seven up failed a number of times, but look at where they currently are today.

Learn to put serious effort in the little things you do because the effort you put simply defines the value of what you do. Your ability to take risks defines you as an entrepreneur. You can still pick up your junks and start again on a clean and new slate. Pick up your piece, clean yourself thoroughly and continue with your life. Have you discovered that the ants are never disappointed and frustrated? If you must be successful in life, we must borrow this quality from the ants. During my university years, I started up a Christian blog known as christianityupdate, but due to lack of enough fund and professional expertise, the site did not last for more than a year and it went offline. After about 20 months of been offline, I went back to the site and rebuilt it and today it is really growing and soon, it will become one of the most visited Christian websites on the internet. According to Ajah Anayo Excel, the last thing you do before you quit is to try again.

Think Beyond The Present

My pastor will always tell us that we are not men of today but rather we are men of the future. What will actually make you invest part or all of your money into a business? It is what you intend to get from it on the long run. Ben Carson used the terms “Think big” and “The big picture” to describe it. We can only make great success when we have a target or goal. A Chinese proverb says, “It is only when you urinate at a point that your urine will foam”. With a goal for the future, we are prompted to put as much effort as possible into a given endeavor.

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Thinking beyond the present makes you a man of the future and it will make you look away from the present and most importantly, break up from your past mistakes. If looking ahead is a risk, then it is a risk worth taking. Take the risk and look forward to know if the risk will pay off as planned or otherwise. When we stay glued to today or the present, we will most likely lose sight of the future. And guess what, it is in the future that the reward lies. It is in the future that the greatness lies. It is in the future that the prosperity that we envision is hidden. Hilary Clinton said, “whatever your dreams are today, dream even bigger, wherever you have set your sights, raise them even higher and above all, keep going”

Love what you do.

Have you started something already or are you planning to start one? Love it, cherish it, and adore it. It is only when you love what you do that you can put in your best into it. It is a little thing, but still love it. Nobody ever succeeds in a venture he sees as a last resort. In the quest for success, you must love what you do no matter how humiliating it seems to be. If you see a man doing what he does not love, soon, he will quit or crumble in that endeavor. Love what you do, develop interest in it and make it a part of you.

Expand Your Coast

You might be asking in your heart, “How do we talk of expanding your coast when we are talking of doing little things”? Here, the secret is not limiting your business to a particular geographical location, niche or customer. Take for example, if you are a tutorial master, with interest in mathematics, you can start up a mathematics tutorial class and with time as you make more money you expand to also producing past questions and answer booklets. With time, if there are other institutions around that location, you could also expand there. If there are none and you are good in other courses like physics,
Chemistry etc. you can also extend. As a tutorial master you have chosen to be, during holidays you can spend time organizing JAMB and WAEC tutorials for interested candidates and in turn, receive little pay. The Bible advised us not to have slack hands.

In everything we do, we can expand it beyond some limitations and constraints. Have you chosen to be a blogger, there are some blogs which are now for scholarship information, yet to remain relevant and also have new contents daily, they post political news, entertainment news etc. be innovative in whatever you do. To me, innovation simply means having new ways of doing things. So in order to be innovative, you must be able to think well. Think intensively. Think extensively and think wide. Do not limit your business or craft. If you run a business center in your school and you discover that it is lucrative, do you know you can run more than one of such business in the same school but in different locations depending on the environment of your school. There is real money to be made out there.

In conclusion, it is important to know that manner no longer fall from heaven. Therefore, you must learn to do little things. Do little things with the little yo have.

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