An Advice to all Freshmen

We want to start by congratulating all freshmen who has gained provisional admission into the higher institution (University, Polytechnic or college of education). Some of you gained admission immediately after your secondary school. I must congratulate you specially for this because there was not delay on your pathway. Yet some of you guys wrote JAMB or WAEC severally before this one favoured you. I must also without fail congratulate you for your new gotten admission. It was not easy waiting at home and seeing your mates in the higher institution.

But then, in the celebration mood, we want to use this medium to provide an advice to you all. Many institutions have already released their merit list and some are yet to. So if you have not gotten admission yet, hopefully, before the end of the year yours will be out. Therefore, this advice is like a fuel and engine oil needed for you run the race of the higher institution. Pay rapt attention and read with full interest.

Many freshmen have lost their path because of over excitement and as such end very badly at the end of their study period. These few piece of advice is provided free of charge. Some of these points were covered in our previous article titled “10 Commandments For Every Success Oriented Student

1) Focus on your studies: You are the school to study and acquire knowledge. Bearing this in mind, you should pay full and rapt attention to your studies. Your parents will invest heavily into your life within these short period. Therefore, you must ensure that you do not waste their resources. Be careful so that over excitement does not sway you out of your focus. Study well, for it is only in studying that your knowledge will be fully enhanced.

2) Celebration comes at the end, at the beginning: Unfortunately, many of us get it totally wrong by celebrating at the beginning. The road before you is too long to start your celebration now. If actually there is time to celebrate, then it should be at the end of your study year (at graduation). So therefore my amiable freshmen, be very careful so that your premature celebration will not lead to failure at the end.

3) Develop yourself within this short time: In one of my previous articles, I stated few reasons why most Nigerian graduates are unemployable. I guess you might have also heard that Nigerian graduates are unemployable. Therefore, pay attention to enhancing your efficiency. Spend time to developing yourself. The duration in the higher institution is 6 years on the maximum. It is what you learn within these years that will determine if you will be employable or not. therefore, spend time and resources to develop yourself.

4) Develop a business idea: It is very interesting to know that we have many student entrepreneurs in our various campuses. One of the best things you can do in the campus is to develop and run your own business. We have compiled list of businesses that can run well in the campus. Go through them and see which of them you can venture into. To run a successful business on campus, follow our guide.

Many student do not need any job at the point of graduate because of the successful business they established while in campus. Work hard to owning your own business and you will be happy you did. Also your dependency on your parents and sponsors will be fully reduced. As freshmen, if there is any convenient time to start up your business, then it is now. If you are IT inclined, then consider blogging as a great opportunity for you.

5) Never forget God: God above everything. We owe it all to God. Freshmen, do not forget God. If you can forget everything and anything, it must not be God. He saw you through during your primary and secondary school. Also, if He had not provided for you parents, you will definitely not have come this far. Therefore, do not forget God. This is the first tip to becoming successful. Sadly, the campus is full of young guys who con longer see God as anything. Within these few years of your stay in the campus, ensure that you do not run away from God. He will keep you.

6) Mind your association: Dear freshmen, friends will make or mar you. Many freshmen want to belong, so as to gain recognition. As such, many things are lost along the line. If you must make it to the end of the journey, then be careful of the people you keep as friends. Some can help build you up, while others can destroy you beyond recovery. Make friends with those that will help shape your life for the better. You will find every kind of person on the campus, therefore, be careful with your association.

7) Shun cultism: Cultists are the most miserable people on campus. They may appear as big boy and girls, yet they are always unsecured. Once they hear the siren of the police, they get on their heel. Freshmen, you might be pressurized to join them, but do ensure that you do not accept their invitation for your own good. You might see them spending money anyhow, do not be envious of them because most times, those are stolen money.

Most times, these cults have an entrance but no exit. You can enter, but you never come out. Sadly, in many campuses at the point of graduation, those cultists are shot dead. Therefore, there is nothing admirable about the lifestyle of those cultists.

8) Plan to make dad and mum happy: The end of your studies should be that you take home a good certificate to your parents within the given study duration. Many people freshmen, after celebrating at the beginning, end up having many carryovers and in turn leads to extra years in the campus. Mind you, we have few articles on what to learn from carryovers, causes of carryovers and how to cope with carryovers. Therefore, be careful not to spend more time than supposed in the campus.

Do not just plan to graduate at the end, but plan to make your parents happy. Go back home with a nice result and by so doing, they will appreciate you full. If you want to have a good CGPA at the end of your study, then your time to work hard starts now.

9) Apply for scholarships: If the financial strength of your sponsor is not so strong, then scholarship will be the best option for you. Apply for as many scholarships as possible. There are many good things about scholarships but the one point I want to present here is that it will help you avoid unnecessary distractions on how to raise money. We have articles on what you need to know before applying for scholarships, how to gain a scholarship, how to identify fake scholarships and how to identify genuine scholarships.

Check them out for more information so as to avoid falling into the wrong hands of scammers. We keep updating our website with relevant scholarships you can apply for. Therefore, keep coming back to check the latest scholarships available.


In conclusion therefore, dear freshmen, let me state that there is no big deal in been an undergraduate. Many of the bike men, street trader and taxi drivers are all graduates. Therefore, you have no reason to think that you are the most important person in the world. Humble yourself and study with keen attention so as to help yourself at the end. Many people gained admission but never graduated.

Therefore, gaining admission is a privilege and not your right.
All of us at infoducation, happily celebrate with all freshmen on their newly gained admission and we wish you all the best in your study years. GOODLUCK!!!

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