An advice to Fresh Graduate

In the heat of the celebration, many fresh graduate are everywhere celebrating the fact that they just wrote their last paper. We at infoducation strongly congratulate you for that. Indeed, it has not been easy. Many people dropped out of school. Some others died and others suffered many misfortunes. So writing your final paper is UNCOMMON and we must celebrate with you.

In line with our goal at infoducation, we want to provide this little advice to every fresh graduate, perhaps it might be beneficial and fruitful to some. Let me state these few points clearly. Do not misinterpret them, but let them shape your mind set for the better.

1) You are not the first graduate and you will not be the last: Bear it in mind that you are not the first person to graduate and you will surely not be the last. If this mindset is in you, your celebration will be in moderation. You see some guys going to the beer parlour, hotels and other places to celebrate. They do this, thinking that they are the first or last graduate. Have this always at the back of your mind as a fresh graduate that you are and it will help you big time.

2) Many graduates end up unemployed: I have earlier published an article on why Nigerian graduates are unemployable. Read it and see if you fall within the unemployable ones. I doubt if there is anything worth celebrating, if at the end you remain unemployed. The school system will graduate you into the labour market and it is at that time your labour starts. Therefore, when you write your final paper, do not be over joyed.

3) Many people come back for extra year after all the celebration: We have seen lots of people who go back for extra semester or extra year at the point of graduation. Probably, somebody reading this article might be in that category. Therefore, do not celebrate because others are celebrating. Returning back to come and study after all the water pouring and writing on the white shirts does not make any sense. Mind the way you about with your celebration.

4) At the point of graduation, your confusion starts: Happy end of university, happy beginning of your confusion. You find out that at the point of graduation, many fresh graduates becomes as confused as they have never been before. Many of them do not know what next to do and where next to go to. Therefore, look beyond the point of graduation and see what the future holds for you.

5) Life does not end here, you just concluded a stage: Dear fresh graduate, life does not end after your last paper. Life is like a book that has many chapters. At this point of graduation, you have not concluded the entire book. You just finished another chapter. So be careful of your celebrations.

Having stated these few points above, let me proceed to present the few advice I have to all fresh graduates across all the higher institutions.

1) Learn to do little thing: I might not spend much time on explaining the concept of learning to do little things because I have written a more detailed article on it. To read the article, click here.

2) Develop yourself: At the point of graduation, you must develop yourself in order to remain relevant. Most institutions will only leave with you with theoretical knowledge. Theories will never make you relevant in anything. Therefore spend the first few months after graduation to develop yourself. Learn practical skills. There might be no good jobs at the end, yet money must be made. Perhaps there is no job after graduation, you will not fold your hands and sit at home. Therefore, you need an alternative.

3) Work towards becoming independent: In my own discretion, I assume that graduating from the university also means graduating from the lifestyle of dependency. As a fresh graduate, you are a full fledged man and woman. Therefore, work hard to be independent. You will not continue to be a liability for life.

4) Work while waiting for NYSC and also work during NYSC: Work while waiting. Learn while waiting. No matter how short the period might be, do not waste it. Much things can be learnt in a short period of time.

As a way of concluding this little piece, let me once again congratulate every fresh graduate. I have not written this article to discourage you. Rather, I intend to help rebrand your mindset. There is much ground to be gained if you can work hard. Life does not end at this stage, therefore keep on pushing on.

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