My experience at the last concluded ASUU Strike

Truth be told, every student hates it whenever Asuu goes on strike. He that wears the shoes knows where it pinches. Its very sad and disheartening that when you gain admission, you become very curious to study and graduate as at when due. Unfortunately, strike comes in between to disrupt your studies. As much as carryover has the ability to lengthen your stay in school, ASUU Strike can do same.

Many questions are going on in the heart of those affected by this strike. Questions like, when will ASUU Strike be called off? What is the cause of the strike? Why wont the strike be called off as soon as possible.

I know your pains dear. I am not a novice to the effect of strike on our studies. During my school years, we underwent two very powerful strikes. Thus, in this article, I want to share my experience with you, perhaps you will learn something great from my story.

The First Strike.

The first strike was actually not ASUU Strike but NUT strike. I was in secondary school by then in 2006. Infact, I had just entered JSS3 and seriously preparing for the Junior Secondary Certificate Examination (JSCE). Sadly, the strike stroke us at the most unexpected and unanticipated time. The strike lasted for 8 long weeks. Think about it, a term is made up of 12 weeks and 8 of those weeks were snatched away by the unfriendly hands of strike.

The strike came up because the Federal Government attempted privatizing the Federal Government Colleges. This led to an unfriendly protest by the National Union of Teachers (NUC).

I did not travel home within this period because I lived very far from the state where the secondary school is located. Another reason why I did not travel was because no one knew when the strike would be called off. What if I just arrived home and the next day, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) announces that the strike was over?

Thus we spend most of our time playing about because no one educated us on skill acquisition. Playing football and Shaw egg became the order of the day. We played and played like say tomorrow no dey. But then, a few number of times, we went to read our books. Good enough, I covered more than 70% of the scheme of work before the strike was called off.

Fast forward to the second strike.

The second strike which was ASUU Strike came calling in July 2013. Unfortunately, it was just 2 week to start our examination. How I wish that we had written the examination before the ASUU Strike surfaced. Unfortunately, every activity on campus ceased and things became totally dry.

Before I continue with my experience in the ASUU Strike, read my article on How to utilize ASUU Strike effectively. Perhaps you will find it very helpful.

We waited for the first month to see if the strike will be called off. But the more we waited, it seemed as if the strike was been lengthened.

The second month came and there was still no glimpse of hope as to whether or not the ASUU strike will be called off any sooner.

In the third month, I decided to stop wasting my time at home doing nothing. Remember that during ASUU strike, students become lethargic as the zeal to read will naturally die down. By the way, what are you even reading for? Not lecture, not test, no assignment and no examination.

I decided to go work in a printing press where I gained ample knowledge on how to publish a book. Why did I decide to work in a printing press of all places? I chose that because one of my life goals is to own a standard printing press. I worked there for only 13 weeks because ASUU Strike was terminated within this period.

13 weeks is too short to learn all the things involved in running a printing press. But then, I was actively involved and thus gained ample foundational knowledge on relevant things concerning printing press. From start to finish, I now know all the stages involved in printing a book.

In like manner, I encourage every student to get busy doing something productive. No one knows how long the strike will last. Maybe before it is called up, you could learn fashion and designing. Maybe you can get ample computer skill. Maybe you can start a very successful business. Maybe you can gain something profitable. Stop wasting your time.

This is my own experience. Someday you will be privileged to share your own experience. Get something doing so that your experience will be a 5 star one.

Updated: 26 November, 2018 — 1:56 PM

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