Before You Start Your Project, Read This

It is very painful to know that many years after your graduation from the higher institution, your project works are been burnt with fire. This is because of the space they occupy and with the latest trend in innovation, some projects seems to be outdated in current time. So then, it will not be meaningful to keep storing these irrelevant project works in the store.

Think of it, if a department had 50 students 10 years ago, and then every year they admit and graduate students. If currently, they have about 150 students in the department, then think of how many people that would have been graduated from this department within these 10 years. So then, how do you think that the store where these project works are packed will look like?

Come to think of it, these projects cost thousands of naira. I heard a case whereby a particular project work costs about two hundred thousand naira. Then after the much expenses, these projects are burnt and abandoned. It is not just the issue of the high cost of executing the project, but then think of the stress you will undergo. Checking on your supervisor frequently and most times, he will not be in the office. Sometimes, they will demand that you come over to their house in whatever place they stay. Think about the continuous printing, correction and reprinting.

Most times, after all these stress and expenses, your grade might still not be nice. Think about the insults from some of the supervisors who lack good human relation.

But then, let me remind you if you know and then, if you do not know, let me inform you that Google was a project work carried out by Larry Page while in the university. It then means that there is a big problem with Nigerian education system. Well it is well known that the Nigerian education system is faulty. But then, we must play our own individual roles in a bid to ensure that our projects do not end up as trash. You project can also be the next Google.

Therefore, I have only one recommendation for your project work. But before I proceed to my recommendation, read my article on how to write your project without stress
Write Your Project With The Future in Mind.
This is the complete intention of this article. While you are choosing your project topic, I strongly recommend that you consider the future first. Larry Page considered the future before starting his project and that is why Google never died in the four walls of Stanford University.

Think about the money you will spend while doing your project. If you do your calculation well, you will agree with me that the money you spend on your project will start a mini business for you. Also, consider the stress you will face during the period of writing your project. If you do your calculation well, you will agree with me that if you put in such effort into a business, you will build a successful brand someday.

Then why don’t you consider starting your future business as your university project?

My suggestion is that you should not just do a project for the sake of doing a project. Money is difficult to get, therefore, it will be fully unwise to waste it into some kind of things. While you want to do your project, first think of your future aspirations.

Do you intend to work for someone or do you intend to be an entrepreneur. If you intend to work for someone, then this article is not for you. Just recommend it to a friend and perhaps, it might be meaningful to them. But if you intend to be self-employed, then this article is fully for you. Start that your future business today. Although, it is dependent on if your future business is in line with your course.

Your project should not be something you spend money, time and stress on and then abandon it for something else in the future. Once again, the resources you invest into your project is enough to build a strong brand with time. Be creative and innovative in your thinking. The success of top brands is that they start small and grow big. Therefore, if you start your business as a project, then you must be able to start small. Even the Bible exhorts us not to despise the days of little beginning.

This is the little recommendation I have for undergraduates. Many people graduate from the higher institution and begin to look for job up and down. Yet, they have prospective multi million naira business plan buried as a project work. Therefore, think deeply before fully deciding on what project to undertake.
THANKS and see you at the top, but before you go, check here for you project topics.

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