Top Businesses You Can Do on Campus

In one way or the other, ys when campus is meant for books and books only. The campus environment has become great platform for successful startups. Campus business is really flourishing as we now have so many campus CEOs.Campus CEOs tends to be powerful CEOs on the long run.

One of the world largest scholarship websites start in the campus. In fact, i published an article titled “How AJAH EXCEL Caused a Revolution in Campus Entrepreneurship. The article is a strong and instructive manual on Campus entrepreneurship, so it is a must read.

The campus environment is one of the best places to do business. It is a compressed community of students which are confined within a geographical location. In this article I will outline different campus businesses you can start in your own campus. I will provide little insight on each of them, but if you need clarification, feel free to contact me using the comment button.

We have updated this list as we keep updating our blog posts. The first time we published this post, we had only 12 campus business lists. But not it has gone above 20, yet as more and more ideas are gotten, we will keep updating. So keep coming back to check for the updated list.

We are aimed at building campus CEOs which will use the campus as a platform to build their own fortunes. To that end, this article is carefully prepared to fulfill that goal. If you can read and apply the knowledge from this little piece, you will thank me later.


Some student go with only the G.P. mindset. But the truth remains that there is more to education than just running after a good CGPA. Perhaps you need to read this article to know if Education is the only key. I wish to inform you that you can be a successful business student and yet make much fortunes for yourself in the campus. Pay attention and read this piece which I have carefully prepared.


Campus Business

SOURCE: University of the East. Manila Campus

1) Business centre

Running a business centre in the campus is one of the most lucrative businesses you can do as an undergraduate. Remember once again that one of our aim at infoducation is to help students grow up to become independent while in the campus and we will stop at nothing to achieve this aim.

In the campus, business center services are in high demand because of the day to day need of the student. If you get involved in this business, you can never run out of market except during break or if you do not promote your business well.

This Campus business could be very lucrative if you do it as a student. You stand the chance of meeting your fellow students to tell them about what you do. Guess what? They will in turn support you by bring jobs and also telling other about you, provided you treat them well.

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2) Blogging

Blogging is one of the relevant campus business you can delve into. Although the blogosphere is almost saturated, yet fortunes could still be made from it. Just get a niche which you can promote in the campus environment.

Maybe you are not convinced about blogging. If you are not, then you need to read this and get a full knowledge. For example, infoducation is one of such lucrative blogs for the campus environment because it addresses issues relevant to campus. In this campus business, consider niches like scholarship, job, school news and others. If you play your part well you will enjoy blogging.

3) Freelancing

If you have a computer or digital skill, then consider freelancing so that your skill will be converted to money. There are lots of websites that accepts the services of freelancers. Few of them include; Fiverr, Freelancer, ifreelancer, upwork, Toptal. Check them out and convert some revenue for yourself. This campus business is indeed lucrative because it might not take much of your time. You can freely combine it with your studies and other activities.

Fortunately, Freelancing is not limited to writing only. There are opportunities for Web designers, Graphic designer, Content developer, Social media marketers, SEO experts, Song and script writers and many more. You will definitely see a service you can render and collect some cash in turn.

4) Fashion and Designing (Tailoring)

Tailoring! Tailoring!! Tailoring!!! Do you have a sowing skill, then there is no better place to make it good than the campus environment. This business is very lucrative because young people pay attention to looking nice so as to attract attention. If you are a good tailor, please do not let your skill to lay fallowed. Use it wisely and convert revenue for yourself.

Now that you have the opportunity, convert it well. I have seen lots of graduates who go to learn fashion and designing after many years of studies. They see the great opportunity in it and embrace it. Therefore, do not make the mistake of waiting till after graduation. Now is the right time.

5) Author a student related book

While looking for campus business to do, consider authoring a student related and friend book that could be marketable in the campus. If your school has about 10,000 student and you are able to author a book that will be accepted to about 20% of the population, that will convert so well.

If you author a book in which you make a profit of 100 naira per copy, and 2,000 students in your campus buys the book, you have a whooping profit of 200,000 which could help you start up one of these campus business I outline here.

But then, you do not just author a book because Infoducation has recommended that you do so. Every book is targeted at solving a problem or creating more knowledge on something. Also the author of a book must be very knowledgeable in the subject matter he is writing on. So consider these before you rush into authoring a book.

6) Become a middle man

One campus Business that I know can convert well is becoming a middleman between students and companies. There are lots of companies that need services of students to be able to penetrate into that campus environment. I have one of such businesses and if you are interested, contact me on whatsapp via this number +2347064635053.

Also you can become a registered distributor for Jumia, Konga, Yudala and other online markets. Becoming a recharge card dealer will also be nice.

Another example is this, since the campus is made up of staff and students, lecturers publish books and students buy. You can have a direct link to a publishing firm and help lecturers publish their books. When you do this, there is a service fee attached to it. The publisher may give you discount per customer brought and you could also add a commission in billing your lecturer. Think about this.

7) Graphic design

Graphic design is another nice campus business. I bet you if you are a good graphic designer, you cannot go hungry in the campus. There are lots of programmes going on in the campus. These programmes needs publicity and as such a good graphic designers’ job will be needed.

8) Web design

If you can create a website, then you are good to go. One standard website you create can feed you for 3 months. Meanwhile creating little sites like blogs will also convert for you. Campus businesses are very lucrative nowadays. With the pervasive explosion of the internet, every business wants to have an online presence. Therefore, you are in the right part if you are a website designer.

9) Organize seminars

If you have knowledge on certain area of life that has to do with students, then consider organizing seminars to teach. In the campus, this business of organizing seminars has turned some students to millionaires. The registration fee they pay if combined together will amount to a large amount. Also, if you preform very well, others will invite you to speak at events. You will end up turning in huge fortunes as a student. Just be sure that you have ample knowledge on what you teach.

10) Organize tutorials

Teach tutorials in the campus. This is one of the most flourishing campus business. In my university, many students grew their fortunes through tutorials. With tutorials, students register with a certain amount. You also have the opportunity of selling some of your materials through your tutorial platform.

Students need tutorials because they stand to understand their fellow student more than their lecturers. So go ahead and organize tutorials for them and get the money out of their pockets and wallets.


11) Mobile bookshop

The concept of a mobile bookshop is a nice but neglected campus business that could flourish in the campus arena. Since it’s a campus environment, everyone came in with the purpose of reading. Therefore getting a mobile bookshop will surely be a nice idea. It is mobile because I assume that you might not have enough money to rent a shop.

Therefore, getting few number of readable and highly demanded books will not be bad. If you are interested in this campus business of owing and running a mobile bookshop, then you should be able to know what the students need at any time to avoid bringing books that nobody will buy. Get the books that you can sell off immediately so as to buy more.

You can also act as a middleman between students and the school bookshop. Get the books for the students and get your commission as small as it could be. I will suggest that in delving into this business, get books on relationship, finance, success, leadership and others that could be highly demanded in the campus environment. If you need more guide on this you can contact me on whatsapp via 07064635053


12) Gaming and Sporting center

Campus business keeps flourishing provided you know what you are into. Sports is everybody’s friend. If you have a sporting center, you will enjoy wealth. Understand that football is best watched with people. It is in watching football with others that you enjoy the fun. Therefore, people who have dishes in their house will still prefer to watch it with others just for the fun. Therefore, if you can get a nice place for rent or even a lecture hall with permission. You will do well.

It is not just limited to football, you can get a place where people play table tennis and other games. Just think about the kind of games that will entice students so much.


13) Baking

One thing that characteristic the campus environment is the desire to party at all times. Students will call for a party over everything. From matriculation to birthday to friends birthday to end of semester celebration down to Convocation. These events will need the service of a good cake maker. So consider baking as a good option for campus business. But baking is not limited to cake so find out many more opportunities for yourself.

14) Write project for students

Students are getting lazy day by day, yet they want the best. Writing project for students will not be a bad option since most of the students claim they do not have time for that and yet they want good grades.

15) Hairstylist

There is a great and large market for hair stylists in the campus. Become a hairstylist and watch yourself earn high daily. Both for males and females, it looks so lucrative.

16) Laundry/ Dry cleaning

It might sound irritating but highly lucrative. A friend of mine did this business while in school and he was able to single-handedly sponsor his academics. The truth is that many people are getting busier day by day with other things. They might not have time to wash their clothes. So if you can wash it for them, you will earn big monthly.

17) Photography and Video Coverage

One of my course mates did this business and he was among the top 10 most successful student entrepreneurs before we graduated. Despite the fact that smartphone has placed a camera in everybody’s hand, yet many will still prefer going to the studio to snap so as to get a hard-copy. So think of this.

I decided to write about Photography and Video coverage as one, although they are totally different things. If you are good in one, you can start up immediately without waiting to be an expert in the second. Probably, with time you can develop yourself in the other one.

17) Restaurant

You can also start up a restaurant business in school and many students will patronize you. The truth is that many young people don’t know how to cook (including ladies). So you can offer food to them and they will offer you money in turn. It might appear to be stressful but if you can manage your time wisely, then you have nothing to fear.

18) Master of Ceremony/DJ Service

Here is and opportunity for talkative and music lovers. In the 21st century, you can earn and make a living from everything. If you know how how to talk well, lively and funny, then start a Master of ceremony (MC) business. DJ services will also be need for parties.

19) Repair of accessories and electronic

There is nobody that does not have a smart phone in this generation. One thing is sure – this devices will continue to develop fault. One of the most lucrative campus business is this one. If you are good in repairing phone, you will smile daily. People will always need you no matter your location, provided you are good at what you do.

20) Bulk SMS

Fellowship will continue to send bulk SMS to their members. Other people in the campus environment will need bulk sms. In fact worldscholarshipforum started as a small bulk sms business back then in the campus. But today, it has become a global brand. To read the full story, click here.

If you want any campus business with the lowest start up capital, then consider doing bulk sms.


Most of the points i made here are practical point. I graduate from a university where about 20% of the student either run a campus business or aspire to start up one. So most of these recommendations are what i saw practically in my school. Students did them and succeeded and so i recommend them for you. You cannot do all at the same time. Just look for the one you can do well and start. This is the right time to start up as there may be no other time.

I have also tried by compiling a powerful guide on how to start up  campus business. Read it up and know more.

Was this article helpful?  Free to use the comment box. Add your suggestions and ask your questions. Tell us more campus business options you know.

If this article makes sense to you, then share with all your friends on various social media platforms and also by word of mouth.

In conclusion, which of these business will you love to do or which one are you doing currently?

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