Campus Politics: How to Win an Election In Campus Without Spending Much Money

Politics is not just a game for our fathers and elderly ones. Politics starts right in the campus. We have different offices at the Student Union Government (SUG) level and also at the departmental and faculty level. But then it is unfortunate that even at SUG level, candidates spend much money, running into hundreds of thousands just to win an election. But then most of them end up losing the election.

The sad part of the story is that most of the cash they spend during the campaign are borrowed funds. Students (who are still dependent on parents and sponsors) spend heavily on their campaign.
For instance, a friend of mine ran for the office of the Student Union Government (SUG) Public Relationship Officer (PRO) of my university and in a talk with him, he said he spent about two hundred thousand naira (₦200,000) for his campaign. Also, another guy who ran for and won the office of the SUG president spent over a million naira for his campaign.

Therefore, the admin of infoducation has come up with a tested and trusted practical guide on how to win an election in the campus without spending much. Although, I am not trying to say that you can win an election without spending anything. But then, your expenses and budget could be lowered and yet your expectations met.

The first point in this article is to start early. Many people leave everything until it is time to start campaigning. But sadly, that is one thing that kills politics. If you have interested in campus politics, then you must start clearing your way from the very year one. If you start early, campus politics will be sweet and enjoyable. Start from year one to socialize, network and make friends which will stand by you on the long run. For example, assume that every university has a duration of 4 years. That means campaign starts in 200 level second semester. It will be very wrong for you to sit down and wait for 200 level first semester.

Therefore, start up everything as early as possible. Make your intentions known to your friends so that when the time comes, you will not need much effort in convincing them on your interest again.

Another important point is to note is that if you must be involved in campus politics and win an election without spending much money, then you must make friends with those students who are in power. In the political term, they are known as godfathers. It is important to be close to them because they are already in the system. Therefore, they can provide meaningful guidelines as to how best to go about your political career. This process can be known as political mentorship. A friend of mine in the campus used this strategy and it worked out very fine for him. So give it a trial and I bet you, you will never regret that you did.

In this aspect, I must confess that most people get it absolutely wrong. You must be informed that campus politics is not a do or die affair. When you turn it to a do or die affair, then I guarantee that you will spend more money than you budgeted and in turn, you will lose the election. When campus politics becomes a do or die affair, then it ceases to be called politics. Think about this, for every office, more than two persons contest, and at the end, only one winner emerges. So imagine if it becomes a do or die affair, how well will it be. Unnecessary expenses will be made on bribing people, which will in the end still not guarantee the victory. Therefore you must be wise enough to know that campus politics is not a do or die affair.

In my opinion, having recommendations from people of great reputation is one of the best thing we strive to achieve in life. In the campus world, if you can make your ways straight and be known by your lecturers, it will be an added advantage for you. When a lecturer endorses you for an office, he will go a great length to see to it that you win. But then, how do you gain lecturers recommendations? You must be nice and good. You must perform well in their courses. You must always be present in their class during lectures. You must be fully involved in other things that will make you spotted out for good.

In the world of campus politics, fellowships are fully inevitable. If you are well known in your fellowship, it goes a long way in helping your political ambition. Assuming you are a catholic, you will agree with me that in almost every campus, catholic students are much. If so be, if you are a member of the Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students, you will be on the advantaged side. Though, this does not limit it to the catholic students only. But the point is that you should be actively involved in the fellowship as well. It will garner additional points to your political ambition.

Apart from been good and known by your lecturers for recommendations, it is very important to be good to students. If you must succeed in campus politics, bear it in your mind that it is students who will vote for you. You do not manufacture votes from anywhere. Therefore, you must endeavor to be good to them. A man who has friends never cries alone. If your friends love you, many of them will support you financially and otherwise. So do not neglect them. Write your name boldly in their hearts by your good deeds. A popular adage says, “a good product sells itself”. If you are good, you have solved a lot of problems already.

In conclusion, these are the few points that I recommend for every campus politician. If you read the four points above very well, you will find out that they are summarized in one. That is be fully involved. Be involved in everything that is necessary for your career. Of a truth, if campus politics is played well, it will be so much enjoyed. Stick to these recommendations and if you have more, use the comment box to drop them. Enjoy your political life and make sure you have fun. save your money and use it for something else, because there are lots of things that needs your money.

Updated: 22 November, 2018 — 1:03 AM

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