Dear Ex Corps Member, Nigeria Has Nothing For you

After NYSC what next? This is a multi million dollar question which many corp members fail to answer even on the day of the passing out parade. Many years were spent in secondary and tertiary institutions and the one year for the National Youth Service Corp. It is expected that if your life had no direction during your school days, then within the one year of your National Service, give it a direction. But unfortunately, I have met with many corp members at the verge of passing out with this simple question: After NYSC, what next? Unfortunately the answer that was widely given is “I don’t know”. If at the point of passing out you do not know what next, then when do you intend to know it?

It a bitter and sad truth that the country has no plans for her youths. Truth be told, the double allowance you receive before your passing out parade is the governments’ way of saying “we have settled you, we owe you nothing again”. After NYSC, all roads leads to the labour market. Many people call it favour market, but what so ever you choose to call it, it is still a market. The rat race for survival automatically begins at this point and you must get something doing else…

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Although it may not be easy, yet it will be easier for those who has already planned themselves. Unfortunately as we see in the country that there are not jobs, we must get something doing. If the the job does not look for you, go look for the job. Below is a picture on an article in the Ebocopa magazine for the 2017/2018 Batch A corps members on page 19. The article is titled get something doing. On the picture, crafts in which one can involve his or herself we shown. But unfortunately, looking at the picture closely is a clear proof that the government has no plans for you.

Corps Member

On the picture, you see a young man working as a bus conductor. Another one as a bike man (Okada). Another as a pure water hawker and so on. The question is, “how do we expect graduates to get involved in bus conductor, okada and hawking?” As much as we talk about humbling yourself and starting small, this one is really out of it. A closer look at the society will make you understand that the higher percentage of touts in town are those involved in bus conductor.
After many years of refinement in the higher institution, the government wants you to become unrefined again.

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Once again, truth be told, Nigeria Government has no plans for her youths. As much as we complain that there are no jobs in the country, yet Nigeria has enough money to create employments for the youths or even sponsor empowerment schemes that will in turn create jobs. Beloved ex corps members, may I sadly inform you that Nigeria has no plan for your welfare. The country owes you a lot but might not pay you a dime. Actually, it is supposed to be that after serving the country for one year, the country should serve you for life. But I don’t seem to understand how the opposite became the case. You serve your country and your country in turn does nothing for you.

Therefore, at this point, wise up and help yourself. Start something little but be mindful of what you get yourself involved in. Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Be industrious. A frustrated man is a man who gives up on himself. If the government and environment has given up on you, make sure you do not give up on yourself. Get something doing. An idle man is the devils workshop so therefore get busy. Though it might not be rosy but tough times to not last. Rather, tough people do. See it as though nobody owes you anything. Work and work very hard.

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During the Passing Out Parade, more than 2,000 corps members Passed out from Ebonyi state. Then multiply the number by 37 and see what it is. Then as the government of her plans for this people. You will find out that there are absolutely no plans. The government has failed in her responsibility, but that is not a reason for you to fail. Work and walk your way to the top and God will help you. If you have a skill please put it to use. If you are knowledgeable in one way or the other, please do not slack. Put your hands somewhere.

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