Is Education Really The Key?

Severally, we have heard people say that education is the key. From the early primary school, we were thought that education is the key. We were made to understand that education is the highest gift parents can give to their children.

But I want to ask this question from my sincere heart, “is education the key?” Looking at our education system, can we boldly say that education is the key? Year by year, thousands of people are graduated from various higher insitutions in the country and yet there are no jobs. Should we still agree that education is the key?
Jack Ma (founder and CEO of Alibaba and also the richest man in china) told his son, “If you want to be rich, don’t go to school”. I want to use this point to state some clear points we should expect in order to ascertain if or not education is the key.

The desire of all parents is that their children have a better financial life in the future. The dream of every young man is to by financially successful. The dream of every young lady is to get married to a rich man and also have her own money. Hence we go to school to receive quality education which will help us unlock the door of great fortunes. When a key can no longer open a padlock, then it is clearly evident that it is the wrong key.

Can we claim that education is the key when the richest black man is not formally educated? Can we say that education is the key when we have millions of graduates on the street looking for jobs years after graduation?

Sometimes I get fully amazed with the number of students been admitted into higher institutions yearly. On the average, no less than 500,000 students are admitted into the higher institution.

Yearly, not less than 500,000 students graduate from higher institutions across the country. Study has shown that less than 40% of the number of people who graduate yearly are gainfully employed 5 years after graduation. With this, let me ask once again, is education the key?

Before now, I published an article titled, “Why Nigerian graduates are unemployable”. It is obvious that even after spending an average of 21 years in the education system, chances are that there might still be no jobs.

If education is the key, then permit me to ask a question, “education is the key to what”? We must understand this subject fully so that we will know what we are into. What padlock does education open?

education is the key

Many people said that success is determined by how much you have. If that is to be true, then how much have your education earned you? When education does not open the door of financial fortune, then I dare to say that education has become a wrong key.

As I progress in this article, I will present 4 main points upon which this content will be centered upon.
1) Education is a key, not the only key
2) If education is a business then it is not so profitable.
3) Learn a skill or business
4) Do not cast all your eggs in one basket

Education is a key, not the only key
I will never be in the company of those who say that education is the only key. If President Mohammadu Buhari (the 4th democratic president of Nigeria 2015-2019) could ascend the level of been the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria without been able to present his O’ level, then I dare to say that education is not the key.

There are lots of keys in the bunch of which education can only be one. If education cannot open the padlock, there are other keys that could be tried. Education is not the only key to financial freedom.

We see cases where an uneducated fellow starts up a business and the employs a graduate to pay him peanuts.

Education is only a key which may or may not unlock the padlock. Chances are that most certainly, education might not open the padlock at all. Therefore it is time to try other keys in a bid to unlock the padlock.

If education is a business then it is not so profitable
I want to say this emphatically that if education is a business, then most times, it is not profitable. Try to calculate the amount your parents spend in paying your school fees from the primary school till date. After your education and you secure a job, try to sum up your yearly salary to know the total.

The point I want to make is that your parents invested close to a million naira into your studies. When you secure a job, how long will it take you to be able to recover these money. What is the breakeven year of your educational investment.

Many graduates, after graduation get a job in which they are paid less than Fifty thousand. From this salary, they still have to carter for their expenses. At the end, how much are you able to save from that salary. Accumulate it to find out how long it will take to balance up with the school fees and other expenses. After you have done this, then answer this question – is education profitable?

I do not attempt to say that education is not profitable at all. Rather education is not so profitable. This statement is as a result of the fact that some people (in the minority) are still favoured by our economic condition. Some people secure a nice and well paid job at the point of graduation.

Learn a skill or business
Education is a key. Business is another key. Skill is also another key. So while there are chances that education might not be the key, it then becomes very paramount to try other keys.

With the current economic condition of Nigeria and other third world countries, it is very important to learn a skill. You could combine your skill with your studies and you will not regret it. You might even opt out of school entirely to pursue a craft like Jack Ma told his son.

On the other hand, when skill proves not to be the right key, then venture into business. As a young fellow, education might definitely not give you all you want, therefore learn to do other things. There are lots of businesses you can venture into as a young person that could become successful on the long run.

I heard of a young man who after his secondary school refused to further his studies. He rather chose to learn business. While his mates were graduating from the university, he had started up his own business. While his mates were looking for jobs, he was already making money.

He later chose to do part time study and then got his certificate. It was said that among all his class mates back then, he is currently the richest.

Sadly, many people wait till after they have finished their studies before they learn a skill. There is no time, therefore do not waste the little you have. I stand with those who emphasize the need for early self-discovery. If only you can discover yourself early, you will know if education is the key for you or not. if you want to do business, quit school and do it.

Do not cast all your eggs in one basket
In all things, do not cast all your eggs into one basket. I guess you know the danger of doing that? Human beings are naturally endowed with the gift of multitasking. This means that human beings can do many things at the same time. Learn to do many other things. Most importantly, learn to do little things.
Casting all your eggs in one basket is the worst mistake you can ever make. What becomes of you when the basket mistakenly falls off? No wonder we will keep having frustrated graduates. Graduates become frustrated when they discover that education is no longer the key as they have been made to believe earlier on.

If you must succeed, even if you want to go to the higher institution, yet do not cast all your hope into the higher institution as though your entire life depends on it.

As I try to conclude this article, let me state clearly that I do not stand with those who claim that education is the key. Rather I stand with those who assert that education is a key, knowing fully well that there are other keys.

If education is the key, why then is it that the larger percentage of the richest people are unschooled?

If education is the key, why do graduates keep loitering the streets in search for jobs?

If education is the, why has it failed to unlock the padlock of financial fortunes?

If education is the key, it then means that the padlock has been changed.
Choose your career wisely so that you will not regret at the end of life, when you might have wasted so much time. This is the time to decide the course of your life. Make sure you do not go to school because all your friends are either graduates or undergraduates. Remember that there is no competition in destiny.

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