Why you need to get involved in eLearning

Have you ever heard of eLearning? Have you ever thought of learning via the internet? Do you know that the internet has enhanced every facet of our daily lives? Do you know that you must not have to go to the classroom to learn adequately?


Today, I want to introduce eLearning to all of you who have been loyal readers of infoducation articles. By the way, if you have not always read infoducation posts as a student, decide from today to commence. Do not let 24hrs pass you by without coming here. Let me help you out, if you have your daily to-do list, add visiting and reading infoducation’s post to it. Most preferably, either early in the morning or at night when you are through with your daily tasks.

To start with, the e in eLearning stands for electronic. Therefore eLearning can also be referred to as electronic learning. So, eLearning is the process of learning over the internet, using electronic facilities and could be done outside the confines of a physical classroom.

With eLearning many learning gaps has been bridges. The world in general and many institutions, both higher and lower institutions are seriously and fastly embracing the eLearning facilities. Many people are known as full time graduates, either for B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD without ever attending any physical classroom. This is done over the internet.
Many “study abroad courses” are also conveyed over the eLearning platform so that nobody will have an excuses as to why he/she is not educated.

eLearning may not actually be watching tutorials or from your CDROM. But it must be conducted over the internet. With the eLearning platform, students freely interact with their lecturers and other students in the class. Though there may be no physical contact of any kind.

Few years ago, I worked in and institution during my internship and part of our job description was to help a lecturer conduct eLearning with her student. Although they were in the same hall, yet everything was done over the eLearning platform. We used a software called classroom management by mythware. The software runs over various platforms like android, ios, windows, Mac OS and linux.

It was interesting to know that while the lecturer was teaching, a student could signify by raising a hand (using the software) to ask a question. When he raises his hand, everyone in the networks see him. The lecturer gave out notes and assignment using the software.

According to talentlms.com

E-learning offers the ability to share material in all kinds of formats such as videos, slideshows, word documents, and PDFs. Conducting webinars (live online classes) and communicating with professors via chat and message forums is also an option available to users.

The internet has fully transformed the way information is shared around the globe. Since learning is all about communication, hence it has fully benefited from the impact of the internet. But then, why did I just decide to write about eLearning today? Since I am a good content developer and creative writer, why did I not just go and hunt up a catchy topic and develop an article around it?

It may interest you to know that many people search for relevant information on this subject matter. Also I thought it wise to encourage everyone to go back to school. Through eLearning, you can go back to school even from your shop or your office. There is not barrier to that at all.


Few years ago, the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria introduced elearning into the country through and institution known as the National Open University Nigeria (NOUN). At its launch in 2001, about 32,400 were enrolled and since then has graduated countless number of students. This innovation came up as a result of the fact many people get to busy to go to school. Some as well appear too old to go to school. Hence this institution came up, since you will not need a physical classroom, except for examination purpose.

Benefits of eLearning

Let me proceed speedily to outline the benefits of elearning. After I might have outlined them, you will agree with me that not one is too poor to partake from it. So here are the benefits.

  1. It accommodates your busy schedule: As earlier stated, many people are too busy to attend the physical classes. Hence, with elearning, they can learn from their shop, office, bedroom, toilet, everywhere and anywhere. Thus it overcomes your excuse of a busy schedule.
  2. It is relatively cheap: Elearning is very cheap. Many elearning programs are done for free, though you pay to be issued certificate. But compared to the traditional learning pattern, elearning is very cheap.
  3. It is faster: You tend to complete your course faster than the normal time. You can take lectures everyday which will hasten your study duration. You do not need to spend 4 to 5 years in it just to get a degree.
  4. You have access to material of various formats: Contrary to the traditional method of learning where you will only have your textbook and notebook, here you will have access to materials of various formats. Such as PDFs, video tutorial, audio, powerpoints and lots more. These materials are not just available, but you can access them from anywhere at anytime.
  5. If you are a worker or a businessman, you can leverage on elearning to acquire relevant knowledge.
  6. You can also go through your materials over and over again: Since these material are delivered online, you can back them up to your device and have access to them anytime you want to. This is unlike the classroom method where the lecturers delivers his lecture and goes away. You tend to forget many of what he said. But with elearning you can rewound the audio and video and you can also play it over again entirely.
  7. You will have access to updated materials: Since the network is made up of people from various places, you stand to enjoy updated material. Thus, your knowledge will be updated continually.
  8. You will interact with highly knowledgable people: It is true that the traditional method of learning also enhances interaction. Although it is very limited because the lecturer has a lot of things to cover within a given time frame. So he does everything possible to make sure that he meets up. But in elearning, you will have unlimited interaction with other student and lecturer.


Do you now agree with me that no one is too poor and busy to take part eLearning?

The impact and impart of elearning cannot be over emphasized. I could go ahead a publish a book of 150 page fully dedicated to elearning. But then, I must have to stop here, hoping that I have conveyed a strong message on the importance and relevance of elearning. You might have your reasonable excuses as to why you might not continue with education in the classroom or lecture hall. But you will not have any excuse if you do not embrace elearning platform

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