How to Identify a Genuine Scholarship

There are many was to identify a fake thing, but only a few ways to identify a true or genuine one. I have outlined eleven points on how you can identify a fake scholarship, but here are six ways to identify a genuine and true scholarship.

1) Organisations’ reputation
Every scholarship should be published on the organisations’ website. This is the simplest and easiest way to ascertain if the scholarship is true or fake. If it is on the organisations’ website, the next thing is to check for the reputation of the organization. Every true and genuine organization treasures her integrity and reputation a lot. With the explosion of the internet, information are easily made accessible to people. Therefore, check for how reputable the organization is (most especially for the organizations you know nothing about).

2) Past record
The next way to identify a true scholarship is through their past record, except if this is the first time for the scholarship to be awarded. But if not, information on the past record of the scheme should be available. Verify how the last one was conducted, if it was not dubious, if people actually won etc.

3) Attestation and recommendation
Another way of knowing if a scholarship is genuine is through the attestation and recommendation from past beneficiaries. At least, we know that no right thinking person will speak ill of what he/she has benefited from. If you can get in touch with some of the people who have benefited from the scheme in past year, it will be nice.

Although this process is for those organisations that you cannot guarantee their reputation. But let me caution my readers at this junction that make sure you do not believe everything you see on the media. If a fake organization wants to dupe people, they could pay some people (whom you do not know) to come online and say lots of good things about them, even when those things are not true. Therefore one on one interaction (most especially with the people you know) will be better.

4) Clear information
In every genuine scholarship, there is no information to be hidden. Every information is clearly spelt out. Some might say that there are hidden secrets to win a particular scholarship, therefore you should do this or that to get the secret. Nothing like that exists. Every organization provides clear information on their scholarship scheme.

5) No guarantee
Since the scholarship is opened to everyone, it therefore means that everyone has equal chances to either win or lose the scholarship. Nobody will ever assure you that you will win.

6) It has a requirement
Every scholarship has requirements. Therefore check for the requirements before applying. No scholarship is opened to everybody, no matter how rich the sponsors might be. As such the requirements are clearly spelt out.

Give it a trial, if you gain the scholarship, you will not regret it. Although you must be careful in seeking and searching for scholarship information because there are lots of dubious guys out there. These guys use this scheme to dupe some innocent applicants and collect their money and you will never see them or trace them and worst of it all is that there is nothing you can do. They print fake application forms and sell it for an amount. Chances are that you might not see them again or even if you see them again, they keep formulating fake information. By so doing, you stand the risk of losing the money you should have used in something better. Be very careful my friend not to fall into the wrong hands.

Updated: 22 November, 2018 — 12:52 AM

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