How To Graduate With A Nice CGPA After A Poor Start

Hello students! In this article, I want to show you how you can still make a good result even if you had a very poor beginning. CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. In secondary schools, the terminal results are been calculated by using grades or average points. But in the university, it is calculated by using CGPA. It is with CGPA that we ascertain the result you graduate with. Either first class, second class upper, second class lower, third class or pass. To start with, there are many things that can affect your result at the beginning of your studies. Some of them are listed below.

Late admission
In many of our institutions today, we see that during admission, the institution releases about three or more lists at different times. With this, we see that the students who made it to the first least are of a higher advantage than those who made it at the last list. Most times, we see that the last lists are release within 6 weeks or less than to the examination. Under this condition, we see that most of the students who made it to the last list stand a chance of having a very poor result at the end of that semester.

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Not been organized
We also see that once you are offered admission into the institution, the next thing is to start clearance immediately. The clearance processes are too cumbersome and hectic as it will lead to you missing lots of lectures. Under this condition, we see that having a poor CGPA at this beginning might be inevitable.

Lack of seriousness
If you understand the campus environment well, you will discover that most times, freshmen spend more time flexing. Many of them use this medium to begin to misbehave because they have not been to a higher institution before. As such lesser attention will be paid to their studies.

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I could go on and on to list out reasons why students have a poor but for more information on that, anticipate my book by September titled, “The Tough Minded Youth”. In this book I provided more and deep explanations on many of these issues. Therefore, for the purpose of this article, let me briefly list out few things you can do to get back to your feet after a poor start in year one. I do not know how your institution compile their results and the number of units per course. But from my institution (Federal University of Technology Owerri), year one courses carry the highest credit loads.

It is in year one that you determine how your graduating CGPA will look like. But amidst all odds, many people has broken this tide. I also broke the tide and made a better CGPA at graduation. But truth be told, I did not graduate with the kind of CGPA I wanted because the principles I am about to discuss here, I discovered them late. I discovered them in my 300 level. This means that I wasted my 100 and 200 level. But you can learn from my mistake. At the end of my 200 level, I had a CGPA of 2.38 but on graduation, I was a comfortable 3 pointer. Here are my tricks and recommendations.

Wake up to the reality
To start with, what brought you to the institution? Truth be told, It is studies. If you involved yourself in lots of activities that distracted you at the beginning, it is time to cut off some of them. It is time to wake up to the reality that it is your studies that brought you to school. Wake up and face the reality. Focus your strength on your studies which is your primary reason for going to school. If you have slept until now and you keep sleeping, you will end badly and even worse than you began. So wake up.

Plan yourself
One of the reasons why year one results are not always good for many people is the lack of adequate planning. Lots of running around and many other things. They take your time and end up making you lose focus. Someone said, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Many times we feel that we are too busy with lots of activities. But it is not really so. It is just that we have not planned ourselves well so that our activities will be organized. If you can plan yourself very well, you will find out that you will execute all your daily tasks yet more time will still be left.

In planning yourself, develop a strong and easy-to-follow action plan that will help you stay guided daily. In the campus, you will find out that most of the best students are the busy type. The only fact is that their life is more organized and planned than the others.

Reading makes the difference. No matter the points this article makes, without reading you will end up worse than bad. Pay serious attention to reading. Your rise in CGPA is dependent on how much you read. Although I must also stress the point that reading in this context is not just the one hour daily reading. You must read very well. If you want to succeed more than others, then make sure you read more than others. Pay serious attention to reading because that is the only way out of failure to success. Make the library your very close friend and do not neglect night classes.

Give it all it takes
We discover also that in the higher institutions, some courses are harder than the others. Pay attention to all courses but for those ones that proves harder and tougher, give them all it takes. Those who read and study finds no course so difficult to be passed. Fight the course to the last. There are many students who made 5.0 at the end of a semester. This is because they conquered every course. Read until hard becomes simple.

Do not forget this
Do not forget that true success comes from God who is the fountain of all wisdom. Therefore, you must give Him the rightful place in your life and studies. Many people think it is all about studies and no fellowship. But success cannot be complete outside God.

Reposition your mind
This should have been the first point but I intentionally left it to be last. It all starts from your mind. Make up your mind to start succeeding. You can overcome every course if only your mind has been conditioned to overcome it. So reposition your mind to hover round the axis of success.

Try out these few recommendations. I tried them and they worked well for me. The beginning does not justify the means, but rather the end does. You must work hard for a good and great end. If this article is not relevant to you I am sure it will be relevant to your next door neighbor or course mates. Therefore, do not delay in sharing this article using the various sharing options below.

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Updated: 21 November, 2018 — 11:29 PM

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