How to make money on YouTube

YouTube has grown to become the second largest search engine on the internet, just behind Google. YouTube is the largest search engine for videos and it is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. be reminded that Alphabet Inc. is the parent company that owns Google. Previously, the company was known as Google until 2015 when they turned it to Alphabet, with Google now becoming another subsidiary.

YouTube record 1billion searches per day and as such, has become a platform for money making through the YouTube partner program they offer. Many people earn thousands of dollars per month through this platform and as such it remains a very strong source of revenue. Recently, I started a YouTube channel which is gradually growing. Click here to visit the channel.

Unknown to many people, YouTube has become a heavy source of revenue for many musicians and movies stars. That is why this article was written because you have the chance of also earning through YouTube. This article will be divided into the following

Why YouTube

As earlier stated, YouTube is the largest search engine for videos and the second largest search engine on the internet. Many video bloggers, comedian, musicians, actors, tutors, preachers, motivational speakers etc. leverage on YouTube to turn in their efforts into financial fortunes. With thousands of searches queries per second, chances are that what you have to offer may be searched for.

Also it is important to know that videos draw more attentions than texts. This means that many people prefer to watch videos than to read contents. For your information, there is a very strong decline in the way people read contents. Last year, I predicted that a time will come when bloggers will lose lots of visitors to video bloggers. This is the major motivation why I decided to start up a YouTube channel so as to convert my text contents into video. Therefore, in like manner, you can consider

starting up a YouTube channel which may pay off sometime in the future


What you need to know

You do not just rush into starting up a YouTube channel because you have read my article or other related articles on starting up a YouTube channel. Before you start up a YouTube channel, there are lots of things you must acquaint yourself with if not your videos may not get views at all. for example, there are some videos on YouTube that were uploaded 2 years ago, yet they have not gotten up 2000 views, yet there are other videos that within 24hrs of upload, they get more than 1million views. The latter got something right while the former did not.

If you want to make money through YouTube, the first question you should ask yourself

is, “what do I have to offer”? Surprisingly, almost every service you have to offer on YouTube, there are people who are in need of it. For example, you see tutorials on various things like web design, how to use an application, how to cook, how to bake, how to play an instrument, how to dance and lots more. You also see comedies, music, movies, sermons and more. You also see wrestling, football and all kinds of sports. Making money via YouTube is very possible for you, therefore the first thing you need to know is to identify the service you have to offer.

After identifying the service you have to offer, the next thing that is of great importance is to identify your target audience. Do you just do a video and upload it online and expect people to view it? It does not work that way. Therefore, for you to identify your target market, keyword research is of paramount importance. I will say more on keyword research as we progress but for now, let me state that it will help you to know if people view the keyword you want to rank for. If you are just hearing “keyword research” for the first time, then I advise that you do not rush into starting up your channel until you have understood what keyword research is all about.

The next thing to know is that the quality of video your video matters a lot. You do not just go and shoot a video with a phone that has poor camera quality and expect people to burn their data in watching it. Be informed that many internet users do not have access to free internet and as such, they buy data. Therefore, ensure you do not produce videos with poor quality cameras. For you to qualify for YouTube partner program, you must have at least 4000 watch hours in your channel. This means that when people jump out of your video

s, it might take you more than a year to achieve this. But if your videos has quality and offers value, you can achieve this within one week.

In order to make money on YouTube, the next thing you should ensure is that your video offers value. Be creative in your idea. You can bring up something stupid and add creativity to it and before you know it, the stupid thing will begin to add value. Since no idea is a waste, all you need is to garnish the idea and then produce.

Another important thing you should know is that the money will not come overnight. Making money from YouTube is not the same as ritual money which might give you money overnight. It needs patience, determination and consistency. With these three virtues, you will surely get to your destination. Although, it might take you more than one year to make your first money on YouTube, yet ensure you remain consistent and focus. It will pay off in future.

You must create a channel. YouTube is not like Facebook where once you create an account, it does not become a must for you to create a page except for special purpose. Since YouTube is a subsidiary of alphabet, which also owns Google, if you if you visit YouTube with your own device, you will discover that it is as if you logged in with your Gmail account. With your account, you can like, comment, react to and share videos, but you cannot upload.

For you to upload a video, you must first create a channel because you will do the upload on your channel. So in creating your channel, take note of the name of the channel. If you are confused on what to call your channel, then consider what you are known for. If you have a website, you can name it after your website. If you are a musician, you can name it after your stage name and so on.

Be informed also that the duration of the video matters a great deal. If it is not a full movie, then ensure you make it very brief. If it is comedy, clip, or music, try as much as possible to ensure that it lasts between 4-6 minutes. Study shows that videos with shorter duration attract more viewers than videos with long duration. Therefore, try as much as possible to make your video short, yet retain all the message you have to pass across.

YouTube partner program

We now come to YouTube partner program, which is where the whole work load of making money on YouTube lies. If you are a blogger, you would have most definitely heard of AdSense, revcontent, chikita, medianet and so on. These are the platforms through which you can monetize your blog. If you are a youtuber, YouTube partner program is the platform through which you can make money through your YouTube channel. This is the link to YouTube partner program, but let me state two important things you need in order to get approved.

Firstly, you must have at least 4000 watch hours on your channel. I have stated this earlier. What it means is that people should have watched your videos for a duration of at least 4000hrs.

Let me illustrate with a clearer example. If you have 10 videos of about 10 minutes, it means that the total duration of your videos is 100 minutes. 4000hrs converted to minutes is 4000*60=240000 minutes. It means that you will need about 240,000 watch minutes on your channels.

Since the total duration of your videos is 100 minutes, and assuming that anybody who watches any of your video watches all, then it means that you need about 2400 people to spend 100 minutes each on your channel.

Or if each person watches only one video of 10 minutes, then you will need 24,000 people to watch your videos from beginning to the end in order to achieve this fit.

This is why you must ensure that your videos have quality and offer value because achieving this fit will surely not be an easy task. YouTube algorithm has a way of tracking these. If you log into your administrator dashboard, you will find the duration of your views to know how progressive you are.


The second thing is that you must have at least 1000 subscribers. This also is not an easy one because I can guarantee that many of the people reading this article have watched more than 50 videos on YouTube without subscribing to any. Therefore, you need to devise strategies to get more subscribers. I will cover a little bit of this while writing on how to promote your channel. For other information you need on the YouTube partner program policy, click here.

Another way of making money via YouTube is by selling ads on your videos. If your videos get hundreds of thousands to millions of views, then consider selling direct adverts to people who are interested and willing to pay. Although, this is not advised because it might make people miss focus on the message your video is passing, yet it is worth trying. Give it a trial and you can make few dollars through it.

Creating a YouTube channel

To create a YouTube channel is very simple. What a channel is to YouTube is the same a page is to Facebook. To learn how to create a channel, click here. This is a link to Google support which will teach you how to do it yourself.

How to promote your channel

The next big thing to consider in a bid to make money from YouTube is how to promote your channel. If you produce your video and upload it on YouTube and then fold your hand, the video will continue to sit on YouTube watching itself.

This is why many celebrities with much social media followers announce the release of any of their latest video. If they do so, you will find out that many people will proceed to YouTube to check up the video. That is why you see a video that was uploaded hours ago already having thousands of views. So how do you advertise your channel? I will just state them here because I have provided a detailed article that explain how to promote your channel. Click here to get the article.
1) Social media
2) Optimize your channel
3) Forums
4) Your website
5) Add a subscribe button to every video
6) Adding your YouTube channel to your profile on various forums
7) Paid ads
8) Add your link to comments on other videos.
9) Reply every comment made on your video


How to remain relevant on YouTube

How then do you remain relevant on YouTube? Seeing that many people have become youtubers and many more will soon join, how do you retain your relevance? Currently, there are far more than 1 billion videos on YouTube and then here you come, to join this large market. In order to remain relevant, these are few things to do;

1) Work hard to get more subscribers: As far as YouTube is concerned, subscribers are inevitable. The more subscribers you have, the better for you. For example, if your channel has 1000 subscribers, any new upload you do, those 1000 people will be notified about it. That is why you see that every youtuber adds a subscribe button to their video and encourage you to subscribe. So the more the subscribers, the more the people that will be notified of your upload and in turn, the more the chances of getting more views. So work hard to get more subscribers.

2) Identify your audience: The second thing you must do is to identify you audience. Do you want to target students, electricians, instrumentalist or bakers with your channel? Therefore, identify them and add value to them through your video. It will not make sense that you upload a video that teaches how to use wordpress this week and the next time you upload a comedy video and the other time a cooking video. It will definitely not make sense. Let people know you for something because it will enable you to be a specialist in that field and in turn get so much referrals from people who have benefited from your video.

3) Set a schedule: Set a schedule for your video upload. It is absolutely impossible to do uploads every day except you want to copy other people’s video and publish. So set your schedule and ensure you follow it to the latter. If you will be uploading weekly or monthly, that is the schedule. For example, mark angel comedy uploads once a week and it is done every Friday. All their subscribers are aware and thus, every Friday, they stay alert for the latest video. If you follow suit, then it will help you.

4) Add value to people through your video: Be informed that people will burn their data to watch your video. But you must be careful to ensure that they do not waste their data. If they do, before the end of the video, they would have jumped out and they will never return. You can control this by ensuring that you add value to your viewer. Give them more than they expect but not lesser.

5) Reply every comment: Make your channel interactive and interesting by replying every comment on your videos. If it means typing a simple “thanks”, then do it. If it means providing explanations, do it. But please do not be hard or arrogant in your reply. Some people might want to discourage by commenting something like “I just wasted my data and time viewing this video”. Do not reply in that manner. Do not even neglect the comment entirely. Tender an apology and then try to find out what was wrong with your video. Perhaps, it will help you in subsequent videos.



6) If you have a website, add your YouTube link to it: Place a link to your YouTube channel on your website if you have one. If you have written a content on the same subject matter, then consider adding the video to the post and watch how your views will increase, provided you receive much traffic on your site. Remember I stated earlier that people prefer to watch video than to read contents. So your video will be an added advantage to you.

Keyword research

Keywords are those phrases people type into the search box in order to get an information. Keyword research is the process of studying and researching on the keywords in order to find suitable keyword with which you can develop your content around. For example, if I want to do a video on how to make money on YouTube, I will have several keyword options that comes to my mind such as;
Make money on YouTube
Making money on YouTube
And so on.

With a thorough keyword research, I will know the right keyword to rank for. How do I know the right keyword to rank for? There are 3 main things to consider in trying to know the right keyword to rank for. The first is the search volume. The second is the competition and the last is the revenue. It is important to know that Google now returns related videos to queries on Google search. Therefore, the keyword research will not only be important for YouTube, but more so for Google search. So, do a through keyword research and find out the keyword you want to rank for before you start doing your video. Although, this is easier if your channel is dedicated to music. With the name of the music or the singer, you can easily locate the video.

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