How to Prepare for JAMB CBT Examination

It is no longer news that the sale of JAMB form for 2019/2020 academic year is currently ongoing. Hence we have carefully prepared this guide to help you prepare for JAMB CBT examination.

It is very important to remind you that JAMB has become 100% CBT. The era of paper and pencil mode of writing JAMB is over. Hence you must fully prepare for a CBT examination

Before I proceed, it will also be necessary to guide you on the course and institution to choose. I will not provide a fresh guide on what to consider before choosing a career because I have done it previously. Also, I have provided a detailed guide on what to consider before choosing an institution. Read these two contents carefully so as to be well guided in your decision.

Ensure that you do not choose a course you know nothing about. If possible, make up your mind on what to do before approaching the CBT center for registration.

This done, let me speedily proceed to teach and tell you how to prepare for JAMB CBT examination. Chances are that you may know these tips before now, but repetition is for emphasis.

               Read hard

The first thing to bare in mind is that for you to rejoice when you see your result at the end, then you must read hard. Not just hard, but very hard. With the decayed education system of our country, over 90% of students depend on examination malpractice. Sadly, with CBT, examination malpractice has been reduced to the barest minimum that I may even say that it is no longer possible to cheat in JAMB.

Thus, you must read hard to know what to write in the examination. As much as possible, ensure that you cover JAMB syllabus before the examination kicks off.

Check past questions

Be informed that there are no new questions again. JAMB and other examination bodies have exhausted all the questions they have, yet examinations must go on. To go on with examinations, they resort to going back to the previous questions. Therefore, be a close friend with past questions. Try to solve the questions for the past 10 years and watch yourself soar high in the examination.

Attend JAMB lessons

Truth is that, it all depends on you. If you are taught everything, yet you do nothing about it, then success will be very far from you. But that notwithstanding, ensure you register with a JAMB center because you will have opportunity to learn at the feet of more gifted, experienced and intelligent people. This classes are very important because the teachers have more experience and as such will teach you in more practical and straight forward way.

Practice with JAMB CBT software

As much as JAMB is now written online, you must get familiar with the system in order not to mess up in the examination. For example, I was told of a lady who came out from the hall with tears just few minutes into the examination. It was said that the lady answered the first question and instead of clicking on next, she clicked on submit. Sadly, that was her second time of writing JAMB.

Therefore, it is not about the fact that you are intelligent and that you have read well. You must be very familiar with the system so that you will not make any mistake in the examination hall. Practice they say makes perfect. Acquaint yourself with the system before then. There are some computer centers where you can practice with the JAMB CBT software. Register for it. If you have a laptop or desktop, you can download the software from and then begin to practice on your own.

Be time conscious

While you practice for the examination, also be time conscious. During the days of paper and pencil examination, you might be given as much as 3hrs for the examination. But in the era of CBT, you have about 30 minutes to answer 50 questions. Therefore, prepare with the time in mind so that you will be able to beat the time.

In conclusion, JAMB CBT is not as difficult as many people think it is. You can still make the high score you plan to make if you are serious. Wishing you all the very best.

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