How to Study and Graduate Without Carryover

As much as our education system is concerned, we cannot neglect the concept of carryover. Graduating without carryover in the university is possible, but then not too easy. As a matter of fact, this is the fourth article we are writing on carryovers on infoducation. We started by stating the “causes of carryovers”. We then migrated to “how to cope with carryovers”. From there, we relocated to “lessons to learn from carryover”. Finally, here we are today, still wanting to talk about how to graduate without carryover. This is because we cannot just neglect the concept of carryovers in the institutions.

Many students, after celebrating their “supposed” final examination, still come back to rewrite some other courses. Some students have spent as long as 7 years, studying a 5 years course, courtesy of carryover. So we will not look away from it, so that it will not affect more people. Carryovers has dealt with lots and lots of students, hence we cannot keep quiet and let it continue to do same to other students including you. Therefore, take this article as serious as you can.

The focus for today is to outline how to graduate without carryover. As earlier stated, it is possible but difficult. If you read our article titled, “causes of carryovers”, you will find out that not all carryovers are as a result of the student’s poor performance. Some careless, avoidable and even unavoidable factors can result to a carryover. So here are some important things to do in order to safely avoid carryovers.

1) Read hard: The first thing to do in order to avoid carryovers is to read very hard. As much as there are many causes of carryovers, yet many of them are caused by the students themselves. So you must read and study very hard.

2) Determination: Nothing can stop a determined person. Determine never to have any carryover and your determination will go a long way in helping you.

3) Study past questions: Another secret students use to succeed is to thoroughly study past questions. It might surprise you to know that there are no new questions again. Every question has been asked and as such, you can find them in past question. If you can carefully and correctly answer questions from the 7 previous years, then you are good to go. How did I discover that this strategy works? While I was in the university, there were some of my course mates that I read more than them. But the irony is that once the result comes out, they will pass more than me. One day I approached one of them as asked her. She said, she pays more attention to past questions. From then on, I started trying this secret and it works just fine.

4) Do not relax after an examination: Many people tend to relax after they have written their examination. Know for sure that missing script can also lead to carryover. Therefore, follow up your examination to avoid every story that touch the heart. Be close to your course adviser so that you can get relevant information in time.

5) Take your practical seriously: You should never joke with your practical if you must scale through with your studies without carryover. In the institution I attended, practical amount for 20%. If you get your full 80% and neglect your practical, you will surely fail. Therefore pay attention to your practical.

6) Pay attention to every course: Every course deserves and demands your attention. If you neglect any course, it will neglect you at the end of the day.

Having said, this we wish you success. Work hard and believe that everything is possible.

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