How To Win a Scholarship

As we strive to update you with scholarship information, it will as well be nice if we provide a standard guideline on how to win a scholarship. The title of this post is not “how to win a scholarship of your choice”, but rather, “how to win a scholarship”. Chances are that you might not win a scholarship of your choice, but the goal is to win a scholarship in the end.

Before now, I have prepared a powerful article on what to know before applying for a scholarship, so try to read it up. For every scholarship advert, there are thousands of applicants. Each of these applicants stands equal opportunities to win the scholarship. Therefore, there will be no special assurance that you will win the scholarship. So I have a few points listed below that will help you.

The first thing to note here is that the very first criterion to win a scholarship is that you must first gain an admission. This point is so important to everyone seeking for scholarship. Sometime ago, someone asked of an ongoing scholarship. But on a closer interaction, it was found out that the person is just a secondary school leaver who has not yet gotten admission into the university. Scholarships will not be waiting for you to gain admission when there are thousands of candidates struggling for that slot. So be patient, gain admission and then apply for a scholarship.

You must not forget to verify the genuineness of the scholarship. I published two articles titled “how to identify scam scholarships” and “how to identify genuine scholarships”. Read them up and find out the steps to verify a scholarship before application. But bear it in mind that most of the scholarships you see online are not genuine. We have hungry bloggers who want to remain relevant and as such formulate contents frequently.

The next thing is to identify the kind of scholarship you need. Is it local or international scholarships? At infoducation, we are focused only on local scholarships available for Nigerian students. Therefore, if you need international scholarships, there are websites like worldscholarshipforum, findascholarship, coursesabroad, myscholarshipportal etc. It is important to identify the kind of scholarship you need so that you will not waste your time online, searching for scholarship where you are not supposed to.

In order to win a scholarship, you must not cast all your eggs in one basket. It is not greediness to apply for more than one scholarship at a time. You must apply for many scholarships so that if one does not favour you, the other might favour you. One of my course mates who later became a beneficiary of MTN Foundation scholarships wrote about 6 different scholarships, before MTN favoured him. In like manner, apply for as many scholarships as you come across and you might stand a chance to win one. Always remember that if you are looking for scholarships in Nigeria, infoducation is the right place to go.

Every scholarship has its own academics requirements, though one thing that is common to almost all is a CGPA of at least 3.5. So in a bid to win a scholarship, you must pay undistracted attention to your studies so as to meet up with their requirements. Know that if your CGPA is not as high as they require, it is automatic disqualification. Organizations work hard to make their money. Therefore, they will not want to waste it on students who are not intelligent.

If the organization sponsoring that scholarship has been into the scheme for long, then they will have their past questions. Get those past questions and read them well. The truth is that there are no new questions in existence. Any question you see has been asked sometime in the past. So before writing their examination, get those past questions. Do justice to them and you will not regret that you did. When you go through those questions and get into the examination hall, you will find out that you are familiar with all the questions that were asked in the examination. Therefore, do not neglect the power of past questions.

Having said this, I therefore recommend that you go through these processes seriously. When you apply and fail, keep applying. You might not get it at the first, second or even third trial, but never quit. With these few points, I have been able to guide you on how to get a scholarship, therefore, I wish you good luck in your endeavours.

Updated: 22 November, 2018 — 12:54 AM

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