How To Write Your Project Without Stress

This article is carefully prepared to teach you how to write your project without stress. Although all final year project works would definitely have stress attached to them, yet if you follow the recommendations in this article, you will successfully reduce your stress to the barest minimum.

As a graduate of one on the most prestigious institutions in the country, Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO). I studied on of the most sort after courses in that university, Information Management Technology (IMT). Therefore, what so ever I will be writing here is a practical knowledge. I do not intend to go and frame up theoretical knowledge in order to make this article readable and enjoyable, rather I will be showing those things I did while I was writing my own final year project.

how to write your project

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To start with, writing a final year project is what every final year student must do before graduation, therefore this article will go a long way in helping you out. As a student of a university, polytechnic or college of education, you cannot run away from your final year project. In the university, final year project is written only once. In some universities, the course duration lasts for about 4, 5 or even 6 year depending. But be it as it may, a final year project must be written in your final year before you will be graduated by the institution.

If you are a student of a polytechnic, you write projects twice. The first one is written just before the conclusion of on Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and the second one is written just before the conclusion of you Higher National Diploma (HND). Same thing applies to those of them in the colleges of education.

Therefore you cannot run away from writing a final year project and expect to be graduated by the institution, no matter how smart you might be. Final year project is one of the things you do in order to prove to your department that they have taught you well all these year. It involves either field work or practical application of knowledge. Hence, this article will help you a great deal.

If you have been bothered on how to write your project, other no more as you have just arrived the final bus stop.

While in my final year second semester, many of my course mates had serious issues in meeting up with the dead line for submission of their final year project work. Many of them had to even abandon their studies just to pay attention to this once and for all final year project. But with this article you can help organize yourself more and more in order to do your final year project work, have ample time for other things and still study your books effectively. Now having done a little introduction, let’s set sail.


The very first thing to do in order not to stress yourself so much with your final year project work is to get a nice and relevant project topic. I know that it is surely not easy to get a nice project topic and for that, Infoducation provides project topics across all departments.

To check for topics, click here I have also put down an article titled things to consider before choosing your project topic. Therefore, make sure you go through it in order not to start what you cannot finish. Do ensure you also read this other important article that will help you and your project work.

Know this for sure that once your supervisor has approved your final year project topic, he might not change it for you, no matter your excuses. Therefore once again, let me refer you back to the article I mentioned above. If you think your final year project topic is nice, please check for its relevance to the modern society. Do not embark on a topic that has to do with an outdated technology.


The second thing to do after you have gotten your final year project topic is to gather relevant materials. This might not actually be an easy task so to say. Because you do not just go with one topic for approval. In most institutions, you go with about three topic out of which one will be approved for you. Therefore, you must be fully prepared for these three topics in case if any of them is approved for you. Therefore, take time to gather materials that are relevant to each of these topic.

There are some useful websites that can help you with some materials, although some of those materials are not freely available. Two of those websites are google scholar and science direct, although you can also search for materials on google through the normal process you use to search for information. At this point, I will freely avail my final year project material and seminar work to any interested person. Just chat me up on whatsapp using 07064635053, or better still you send me an email to


This is the climax of all the points I have to make in this article. If you must do your final year project work without stress, then you must start early. This is the secret that I used in my final year. My final year project was approved early in my final year first semester and immediately, I swam into action. I gathered as much materials as I could gather and as early as I could. For that, I was among the first people to finish and submit my final year project work.

In the department I graduated from, you do seminar and project in final year. Now if you are able to get a seminar topic that relates to your final year project topic, the work will become easier for you because your seminar will have only three chapters which will serve as chapters 1, 2 and 5 in your final year project by so doing, you will have to do only chapters 3 and 4 in your project. But in a situation where you are not able to get a similar topic then you have a lot to do. In fact that was my case. I wrote on cloud computing security challenges in my seminar and then did web based library information system for academic institution as my final year project work.

I did two different work but still was among the first finishers. The point is that your time is so short. Between the time your final year project topic will be approved and when the final year project will be defended will be less than 200 days and as such do not think you have much time. The more the delay, the closer the time for the defense. If you wait till when the defense becomes close, you will surely not do a nice work.

As a good student, I guess you have an active reading timetable. If you do, then once your final year project topic is been approved, go ahead and amend the timetable so as to include your project to it. Make sure you add it at least twice a week. And for each of these days, you must spend at least two hours on your final year project work. If you can successfully work on this, you will discover that within two months, you might have completed chapter 1, 2 and 3 then waiting for chapter 4 which will demand more and thorough research.

I used the strategy of starting early for both my final year project and seminar and I was able to still get a GP of 4.33 in my final year first semester. I finished very early and was able to help about two other friends of mine in their final year project work. So start early.


This is the mistake many students make in choosing the topic for their final year project work. Some of them choose a topic they know nothing about. They wait till the topic is approved before they begin their research. Some people choose their final year project topic because the title seems attractive. Others will just go online and search for likely and attractive final year project topic. After the search, some of then go ahead to choose the topic that seems unfamiliar among them all because he thinks that the others would be in high demand. But unfortunately, the brother knows nothing about the topic he chose.

Therefore, make sure you do not choose any topic that is strange to you so that you will not have to go back to your supervisor pleading with him to change the topic for you.


This is another mistake students make in choosing their final year project topic. They fail to carry out a feasibility study to know if they can be able to execute the project or not. The truth is that in some cases, your final year project work might even demand more than your school fee. If you come from a humble home where you find it difficult to pay up your school fee, then you must be careful here. Do not just cut your coat according to your size but you must cut it according to the quantity of material you have. You must look at the cost implication of the final year project topics you have chosen before submitting them for approval.

Having said this, I believe that if you can follow these few points, you will do your final year project without much stress. Let me evaluate myself with these points I have provided for you to see and then you can ascertain how the outcome will be.

The first point is to get a nice and relevant project topic. My final year project topic was “Web based library information system for academic institution”. It was a nice topic because the university library accepted my work. In fact, one of the library staff gave me much assistance and information which was useful to me. Also it was relevant to the institution. I did not intend to capture the whole activity of the university library in my final year project work. My interest was just to create a system that handled the book lending and return process. Indeed it was so relevant.

The second point is getting relevant materials. My final year project topic was nice that I had no problem locating materials on google scholar and science direct. I got more than 20 relevant materials on my topic.

The third point is to start early. Immediately after the approval of my final year project topic, what else was I to wait for? I went straight into doing the work and made sure I worked on it for certain number of hours per week and with this I finished in good time.

The fourth point is do not choose a topic that is strange to you. I was familiar with the library system in my school. I was a constant visitor to my university’s library so I understood the system so well that it gave me no much headaches and heartaches.

The fifth and final point is do not choose a topic that will demand more resources than you can afford. Surprisingly the only money I spent while doing my project was the one I used for printing my work, transporting myself to places that were important within that period and the subscription I did while doing the project work.


It is simple and sincere. I made an “A” in my project. I did not stress myself so much and I still achieved what I wanted to achieve grade wise.

                                 BOTTOM LINE

I guess this article has answered your question on how to write your project work. If you observe these recommendations, you will stresslessly achieve success in your own final year project work.

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