Lessons to Learn From Carryover

As the popular saying goes “every disappointment is a blessing”, but I want to state that in every disappointment, there is a lesson to be learnt. Most times, fortunate things come out of unfortunate occurrences. Infoducation has compiled two powerful articles on carryover. We have tried to explain to students that most times, carryovers do not mean that they are not intelligent. We have also stated some important remedies on carryovers to encourage students stand up after a great fall.

Therefore, in this article, the focus is to point out some important lessons that you can learn from carryover. To start with, have you ever had any carryover? Do you have any friend who have had one or more carryovers? How was your reaction when you saw your result? Did you feel happy rewriting that course later? There are important lessons to learn from carryover and so, read them below.

Humility: In the university, I doubt if there is anything more humiliating than having a carryover. When you associate with your fellow level mates, you feel happy. You feel like a big boy. But how do you feel associating with those who are supposed to be your juniors. It is true that there is nothing like seniority in the higher institution, yet you must learn humility through carryover. Imagine attending lectures in the same hall with your junior. Some of them might be more intelligent than you and as such, you need to condescend low for them to tutor you. Imagine sitting in the same examination hall with them.

If you have carry over in your university and you never learnt humility, then you are to be pitied. You must fully understand that higher institution is not by age, so therefore, you must put your age aside, else you will have serious problem. If you fully undergo the stress in having a carryover, then you must learn humility. This humility will help you on the long run. You will be able to freely associate with people who are seemingly lower than you in status, age and all round. Courtesy of what you learnt from your carryover.

Do not celebrate yet: Another lesson you can learn from carryover is that you should not celebrate yet. Unfortunately, many people celebrate after doing something, without even seeing the result. Celebration should come when you have seen the result and not when you have done something. Imagine writing an examination and terming it the simplest exam you have written, just for the result to come out and you see that you had a carryover. Generally, this is not a problem that face only students.

You see someone who made an investment and begins to celebrate that few years from when he made the investment, he will earn so and so profit. He celebrates, forgetting that the only thing constant in life is change. What if the economy crumbles before the set time to reap the profit? What if he gets duped along the line? What do you think will become of him. In like manner, carryover will teach you never to be so confident in anything until you have seen the result. Do not be confident in the unknown.

Hardwork: The third lesson you can learn from carryover is that you ought to work hard. If actually you failed, it then means that you never worked as hard as you were supposed to. If you think you worked hard and you still failed, you will work harder. Failure simply provide fresh opportunity to work harder. Either by putting in more effort or by trying another strategy. It calls for thorough reading, both day and night. We have provided a guideline on how to comfortably read at night just to ensure that you become a reading student.

It will teach you not to give up in future: If you had a carryover and you never dropped out of school, it means you are not to give up at the sight of failure. This point will help you in the future as you try to venture into several businesses. You will fail in many. Sadly, you might fail in all, but that is not a reason to give up. If you have interacted with people, you will hear many of them saying that they have tried a lot of things and nothing worked out for them. Their problem is not that nothing worked out for them. Their major problem is that they lacked consistency. Once failure came, they ran away. Success can never come by running away from failure. Success only comes by facing you failures.

It will teach you not to have carryover again: Carryover is not a game of fun. Another important lesson to learn from carryover is not to have carryover again. For example, there are some carryovers that once you want to rewrite them, you will have to drop one or two other courses to be able to accommodate them. So also is it in life. There are certain things that must be achieved at a given time in life and we must not fail to achieve them. Failure to achieve them now might result in we not achieving them again. Or we might achieve them, but with a hell load of inconveniences. So we ought to work hard. Work so hard and make sure that not other carryover is accumulated by you.

Let me state that a failure is not someone who failed in something. A failure is either someone who has decided to fail, or someone you refused to try immediately after they failed. If you do your survey thoroughly, you will find out that more than 50% of every student has had at least one carryover. This means that carryovers are kind of inevitable in the higher institution. Therefore, make sure you read my article on how to cope with carryovers and ensure that you fully learn these few lessons from the carry over you had. All of us at Infoducation are seriously waiting to see you at the top. Make sure you do not keep us waiting in vane.

Did this post meaningfully teach you anything? Are there other points that you think we missed out? Use the comment box to drop them so we can start up a conversation.

Updated: 22 November, 2018 — 7:05 AM

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