50 Mind Blowing Quotes From Mark Zuckerberg

We have hereby composed 50 powerful and mind blowing quotes from Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO and Founder of Facebook. Most probably, these will change your way of reasoning and doing things.

1. “In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that
is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

2. “People don’t care about what you say, they care about what you

3. “You are better off trying something and having it not work and
learning from that than not doing anything at all.”

4. “In terms of doing work and in terms of learning and evolving as a
person, you just grow more when you get more people’s

mark zuckerberg

5. “People can be really smart or have skills that are directly
applicable, but if they don’t really believe in it, then they are
not going to really work hard.”

6. “Building a mission and building a business go hand-in-hand.”

7. “We look for people who are passionate about something. In a way,
it almost doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about.”

8. “The question I ask myself like almost every day is, ‘Am I doing
the most important thing I could be doing?’ Unless I feel like
I’m working on the most important problem that can help with,
then I’m not going to feel good about how I’m spending my time.”

9. “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you
are not moving fast enough.”

10. “People think innovation is just having a good idea but a lot of
it is just moving quickly and trying a lot of things.”

11. “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that
are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.”

12. “The question isn’t, ‘What do we want to know about people?’,
It’s, ‘What do people want to tell about themselves?’”

13. “So many businesses get worried about looking like they might
make a mistake, they become afraid to take any risk. Companies
are set up so that people judge each other on failure.”

14. “I would rather be in the cycle where people are underestimating
us. It gives us latitude to go out and make big bets that excite
and amaze people.”

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15. “My goal was never to just create a company. A lot of people
misinterpret that, as if I don’t care about revenue or profit or
any of those things. But what not being ‘just’ a company means
to me is building something that actually makes a really big
change in the world.”

16. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.”

17. “Find that thing you are super passionate about.”

18. “Simply put: we don’t build services to make money; we make money
to build better services.”

19. “The Hacker Way is an approach to building that involves
continuous improvement and iteration. Hackers believe that
something can always be better, and that nothing is ever

20. “Advertising works most effectively when it’s in line with what
people are already trying to do.”

21. “I’m here to build something for the long-term. Anything else is
a distraction.”

22. “I think as a company, if you can get those two things right–
having a clear direction on what you are trying to do and
bringing in great people who can execute on the stuff, then you
can do pretty well.”

23. “Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far
the thing I am most proud of in my life.”

24. “I mean, the real story is actually pretty boring, right? I mean,
we just sat at our computers for six years and coded.”

25. “Give everyone the power to share anything with anyone.”

26. “If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate
about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things
will play out.”

27. “Our society needs more heroes who are scientists, researchers,
and engineers. We need to celebrate and reward the people who
cure diseases, expand our understanding of humanity and work to
improve people’s lives.”

28. “I look at Google and think they have a strong academic culture.
Elegant solutions to complex problems.”

29. “Don’t let anyone tell you to change who you are.”

30. “Instead of building walls, we can help build bridges.”

31. “I think the internet is really good in general because it
helps people get access to more information.”

32. “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a
trusted friend.”

33. “By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world
more transparent.”

34. “Whatever you build, build with care. Anyone who has built
something big, has done it with care.”

35. “A guy who make a new chair doesn’t owe money to everyone who
ever built a chair.”

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36. “You don’t let people deter you. That’s how you do it.”

37. “It is important for young entrepreneurs to be adequately self-
aware to know what they do not know.”

38. “In terms of doing work and in terms of learning and evolving
as a person, you just grow more when you get more people’s
perspectives, I really try and live the mission of the company
and keep everything else in my life extremely simple.”

39. “The biggest mistake we’ve made as a company is betting on
HTML5 over native.”

40. “We’re making a long-term bet that immersive, virtual and
augmented reality will become a part of people’s daily life.”

41. “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself
in a deeper way than most media today.”

42. “It takes courage to choose hope over fear.”

43. “All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to
college or high school – my number one piece of advice is: You
should learn how to program.”

44. “I think that people just have this core desire to express who
they are. And I think that’s always existed.”

45. “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few

46. “I literally coded Facebook in my dorm room and launched it
from my dorm room. I rented a server for $85 a month, and I
funded it by putting an ad on the site, and we’ve funded ever
since by putting ads on the site.”

47. “One of things that I do focus on at Facebook is making sure
the culture is very friendly and that people hang out. So
instead of having 20% of people’s time working on projects I
make people hang out with each other.”

48. “I started the site when I was 19. I didn’t know much about
business back then.”

49. “I made so many mistakes in running the company so far,
basically any mistake you can think of I probably made. I
think, if anything, the Facebook story is a great example of
how if you’re building a product that people love you can make
a lot of mistakes”

50. “Ideas don’t come out fully formed, they only become possible
when you work on them”.

Mark Zuckerberg is worth US$66.4 billion as of April 19, 2018.

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