Project Topics (For Department From H – M)

This is a list of project topics across many departments that could be relevant to your institution. We are working very hard to keep updating this list as frequent as possible. We hereby apologize that currently, we are not able to provide project topics for all the departments. With time, we will be able to achieve this goal. Our target is not to provide project materials for students, but rather, only project topics.

project topics

If by chance, project topics relevant to your department is not listed here, use to comment box to notify us so that we will attend to you with urgency. Or better still, you can notify us by commenting on either our Facebook page or Facebook group.

It is important to note that these project topics are arranged by departments and the departments are arranged in an alphabetical order in order to enable you to easily locate your department. If you see any topic that interest you, feel very free to go with it. But if need be, you may have to change your case study. It will be very nice if you can share this post with all final year students to enable them get relevant project topics as well.

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1) The involvement of the Nigeria mass media in the Liberian
2) The making of Nigerian fourth Republic
3) The implications of International terrorism on Nigerian National
4) The emergence and effect of the militants in the Niger Delta
5) Migration, occupation and settlement of the Alago people from
6) The OSU caste system in igbo land
7) The history of human right violation in Nigeria 1970-1999
8) The History of Aguata Local Government Area
9) The History of Gusau in the colonial period 1903-1960
10) The history of Yoruba migrants

1. Development of situatable dishes from coco yam in hotels and
catering industry
2. Examining the use of cashew floor in the production of snacks in
hostel and catering industry
3. The effect of convindent food in hotel industry

1. Factors militating against the establishment of standardized
software companies in Nigeria
2. Evaluation of the level of Government involvement in the
enhancement of Information Technology in Nigeria
3. Low quality services and its effect on Nigerian Telecommunication
4. Evaluation and Analysis of factors affecting effective
collocation in Nigerian Telecommunication industry.
5. Cloud computing and its security challenges
6. Design and implementation of a learning management system
7. Risk management in IT projects

1) The role of insurance companies to the growth small scale and
medium scale business in Nigeria
2) The role of reinsurance in the performance of insurance industry
in Nigeria
3) Life assurance patronage and its implication on the Nigerian
4) Claim management and profitability of insurance companies in
5) Survey on market risk in Nigeria
6) The effect of religion on life assurance policy in Nigeria
7) Management of insurance company in Nigeria
8) The implication of insurance in the growth of petroleum industry
in Nigeria: A case study of Leadway, Nicom insurance companies

1) An appraisal of the doctrine and practice of self defence in
international law.
2) An appraisal of the doctrine and practice of jungle justice as a
method of penal technique
3) Duty of care: Its implications to the medical profession in
4) The legal effects of the customary law marriage in Nigeria
5) A legal and jurissprudential analysis of homosexuality and same
sex marriage
6) Effect of the historical school of thought on Nigerian
7) Conventional and Islamic mortgage financing: A legal comparison
8) An appraisal of Local Government and health care delivery
9) Ownership and control of mineral resources under the sharia and
Nigeria statute

1) Socio linguistic analysis of speech defect in Hausa language
2) Socio linguistic study of errors in signposts and sign boards
3) The adim verb phrase
4) Verb phrase koenoem language
5) Generative phonology: its origin, principles and its successors

1) The effect of sea transportation on the Nigerian economy
2) Economic recession and its effect on sea transportation in Nigeria
3) An analysis of maritime policies and their contributions to sea
transportation in Nigeria.
4) Oil tanker accidents and its effect on the economy

1) Establishing a community news paper
2) Analysis of challenges facing freedom of information in Nigeria
3) TV ads on children effect
4) Effect of violent television of information bill on broadcast
5) The effect of phone-in programmes educating the electorates
6) The challenges of female journalist in performing their duties
7) The effect of radio and television in our society
8) Problems and prospects of media management in any state
9) The impact of graphic presentation in newspaper production.
10) The influence of broadcast media on the sale of fast moving
consumer goods.
11) The role of television in electoral education in Nigeria
12) Newspaper ownership and editorial independence
13) Analysis of challenges facing the freedom of communication in
14) Critical appraisal of the role of National Broadcasting
Corporation in controlling the performance of broadcasting
industries in Nigeria
15) Effect of news commercialization on content of private media.
16) Effectiveness of advertising tools for successful marketing of
multinational companies
17) Effect of satellite television on life patterns of Nigeria
18) Hazard and prospect of journalism in Nigeria
19) Libel and the media
20) Mass media and coverage on human right issues in Nigeria
21) Mass media as an instrument of economic development
22) Problems and prospect of government owned broadcasting media in
23) Television as an instrument of educational advancement in Nigeria
24) The effect of phone in programmes in sensitizing the electorate
25) The effect of social media on the practice of public relation
26) The impact of radio musical programmes on Nigerian Youth
27) The role of anti-graft agency in anti –corruption campaign in
28) The role of mass media as a tool for public enlightment in
achieving the millennium development goal
29) The role of radio in propagating culture in Nigeria
30) The role of the press in the free and fair election in Nigeria


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