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This is a list of project topics across many departments that could be relevant to your institution. We are working very hard to keep updating this list as frequent as possible. We hereby apologize that currently, we are not able to provide project topics for all the departments. With time, we will be able to achieve this goal. Our target is not to provide project materials for students, but rather, only project topics.

project topics

If by chance, project topics relevant to your department is not listed here, use to comment box to notify us so that we will attend to you with urgency. Or better still, you can notify us by commenting on either our Facebook page or Facebook group.

It is important to note that these project topics are arranged by departments and the departments are arranged in an alphabetical order in order to enable you to easily locate your department. If you see any topic that interest you, feel very free to go with it. But if need be, you may have to change your case study. It will be very nice if you can share this post with all final year students to enable them get relevant project topics as well.

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1) Physicochemical and biochemical analysis of river water
2) Prevalence of microbial contamination on paper currencies
3) Antibiotics sensitivity of microbes associated with the
deterioration of fruits (Paw Paw and tomato)
4) Evaluation of local hand sanitizer.
5) Microbial load of hawked food (Abacha, suya, ukwa)
6) Microbes associated with the fermentation of ogiri
7) Microbial load of food sold in restaurant.
8) Effect of parasitology in plants and animals
9) Determination and isolation of microbes in street foods sold in
(choose a case study)
10) Stool analysis of students between 8 – 10 years (choose your
case study)
11) Determination of plasmodium malaria in pregnant women in…
(choose a case study)
12) Microbial quantity of yoghurt retailed in imo state
13) Microbial diversity and succession associated in the production
of kunu
14) Antimicrobial effect of utazi leaf
15) Microbial evaluation of soil from dump site
16) Microbial load of herbal drugs retailed in imo state
17) Microbial load of table water
18) Microbial diversity of swimming pool
19) Lactic acid bacteria associated with breast milk

1) Effect of performance appraisal of employee morale.
2) Effect of stress on secretary’s job performance
3) Impact of computer system on performance of secretaries.
4) The effect of modern office machine on the enhancement, moral
and efficiency of a secretary

1) Analysis of Factors constraining staff quarters building
construction projects execution on Nigerian tertiary Institution

1) Socio economic implication of high unemployment rate: A case
study of Enugu Urban

1) Prevenlence and parttern of substance abuse among youth in Ihitte
2) Incidence of diarrhea among children from 0-5years in Ihiagwa
health center
3) Retrospective study on the prevalence of cholera in federal
medical center
4) Stroke as a risk factor in the development of heart attack among
male patients in general hospital Owerri
5) Menstrual hygiene among female student in Egbu girls secondary
school Owerri
6) Knowledge attitude and practice of cervical cancer screening
among women attending antenatal care in mbaise health center
7) The use of insecticide treated nets in the control of mosquito in
children under the age of one.
8) The use of ART in the management of HIV /AIDS among clients in
general hospital okigwe
9) Exclusive breastfeeding and its importance in reducing the
incidence of diarrhea among babies between 0-6months.
10) Female genital mutilation and its associated risk factors in
Ihiagwa community.
11) The incidence of Lassa fever and its public health implication
among patients in Lagos Teaching Hospital.

1) Sociocultural factors affecting women’s access to productive
2) The roles of women in development of a child
3) Traditional methods of social control in Nsukka Urban
4) Causes and effect of communication breakdown in an organization
5) Corruption in Nigeria, a threat to sustainable economic
6) The effect of street hawking among teenage girls in Nigeria
7) Analytical gender discrimination in management position
8) The influence of marital roles and career among female academics
9) Rural women and household food security
10) Socio-cultural impact of childlessness of married couples in
11) The effect of drug abuse among university undergraduates
12) Socio-economic and cultural factors militating against community


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