Project and Seminar Topics for Prosthetic and Orthopedics

We have provided project topics from various institutions which are applicable in universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. We have provided the scope for some of these topics but feel free to change the scope. These are the project topics for Prosthetic and Orthopedics department. We will update the list frequently.

1) The Effect of cast mediated application on bone ( taking blood sample of those on pop cast for about 2,or 3 or more months comparing it with d blood sample of a normal person without fracture)

2) The dominance of Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) in the correction of deformities… Using Nigeria as a case study

3) The Dynamics of prosthetic fitting (using Above Knee prostheses as a case study)

Seminar Topics for Prosthetic and Orthopedics

1) Difference between the old and new trends in Prosthetic and Orthopedics

2) The importance of Pop cast to Prosthetic and Orthopedics field in the 21st century

3) Robotics a plus or minus in the field of Prosthetic today

4) The positive impact of Denis Brown shoes in the field of orthopedics

5) Types of Corsets

6) The difference between Corsets and Braces

7) The Thoracolumber brace.

8) Synthetic materials and Organic materials in d field of Prosthetic and Orthopedics

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