10 Commandments For Every Success Oriented Student

Success is the focus of every student, yet it is achieved by few. Few days ago, we published an article titled “19 Actionable Tips to Become a Successful Youth” and here we are today with another mind blowing article. This is inline with out commitment to help young people to become successful in their spheres of endeavor. Success has a given pathway and only those who tow that path end up as successful students. I have brought out these 10 commandments for every successful student in the making. Although, success is not limited to these commandments but I can guarantee the possibility and work-ability of these commandments. Remember that commandments ameant to be obeyed, therefore as you read, strive to obey them.

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1) Thou shall not forget the Lord your God: He is the giver of true success. God remains the fountain of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. If you must become a successful student and end your studies well, then you must not forget God. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. Therefore the first place of reverence must be given to Him. Reverence and fear Him.

2) Thou shall avoid unnecessary distractions: Be single minded. Focus on your goal. There are many students who started well but gave heed to distractions and ended badly. Distractions will take you away from your pathway. Remember that you are in school to study, therefore, full attention should be given to your studies which is the singular reason for which you are in school. Be focused.

3) Thou shall shun unprofitable friends: Bad company corrupt good morals. Unprofitable friends will not help you. A popular adage says, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. If we actually want to know you, your friends will speak volume on that matter. If you are to take a survey of all the young boys and girls leading bad lives in the society, you will find out that many of them act under the influence of friends. As much as good friends will make you, bad ones will break and mar you. Good friends are your pillars while bad friends are your caterpillars. Good friends will build you while bad ones will demolish you. Be wise

4) Thou shall not yield to examination malpractice: Unfortunately, examination malpractice has become something inevitable in the lives of Nigerian students. Examination malpractice has made Nigerian education system to become one of the worst in the world. What will you teach your children tomorrow if you involved in examination malpractice today. Many people now say that Nigerian graduates are unemployable. It is simply because of malpractice. Do not deceive yourself, any result gotten through examination malpractice is a fake result and cannot be defended. It is very unfortunate that most people who claim to be spiritual are never spiritual in examination hall. Examination malpractice is evil. Shun it.

5) Remember to read your book every day: Reading people are always knowing people says the popular preacher – John Wesley. If you must be a successful student, you must pay more attention to your books than even you food and clothes. Read until hard becomes easy. Read until difficult becomes simple. No course or subject is ever difficult to someone who will pay attention to studying.

6) Have an actionable action plan or time table: Action plan and timetable helps a great deal in rationing our time properly. Sometimes, you might feel that 24 hours is too small for you, maybe because you did not achieve much that day. In order to solve the problem of wasting time, you must have an action plan. Everybody has more than one activities to execute daily, sometimes, we wake up with fear because of the numerous workload that will have ahead of us that day. Therefore, if you must maximize your time, get yourself an actionable easy-to-follow timetable.

7) Love all your course and lecturers: Till date, I am not good in chemistry and I don’t ever pray to jam chemistry in life again. What was the problem? From SS1, I hated my chemistry teacher and because of that I was always at the back sit making noise whenever we go for the class. It was like play and it affected me negatively. The 3 years I spent in senior secondary school and my year one in the university, I passed chemistry on twice. Therefore, if you must pass, never hate any subject or lecturer (teacher). Pay attention to all subjects and become friend with all your teachers.

8) Take your note, assignments, classes and tests very seriously: Be serious with copying notes, doing assignments, attending classes and take our test very seriously. Never neglect any of these that I listed. The seemingly little one has the ability of making you repeat a class or have a carry over.

9) Build your study network: Have your team. Reading teams will help you a great deal. For example, if you have a reading team of 4 people and you are to face mathematics, you might not be able to understand all the topics for that term or semester. With your reading team, if you have 12 topics for that term or semester, you could share the topic into 4 so that everyone will go and read and then come and teach. It helped us when we were preparing for our WAEC. In my team, we were 3 and we paid attention to the 5 most difficult subjects we had (Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics). How did this strategy he me in particular? I taught mathematics and physics. Whenever I want to read, I read as a teacher, not just to know it but to know it to the extent that I will be able to teach it. Then for the ones that I don’t know like chemistry, it was easier to understand it when my mate taught it than when a teacher does because the teacher has a limited time and want to cover a lot in this little time, but we had all the time to ourselves.

10) Make sure you see no course as difficult: Surmount every mountain and cross every river. If there appears to be any difficult course or subject to you, it does not actually mean that the course is difficult. It’s just a way of saying that you need to pay more attention to it. Bear it in mind that any course or subject that appears difficult was invented by a human being like you. The same course is passed by human beings like you. All you need is to give it time and before long, the difficulty will be nowhere to be found.

Having said all these, it is important to state that these are practical, tested and trusted steps that has proven reliable and true over time. I am a graduate and therefore, I think I am more experienced than some set of people. Therefore, I also see it as a privilege of advising the young ones. Try these steps and see the outcome, if you will not end as a successful student.

Updated: 22 November, 2018 — 12:54 AM

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