19 Actionable Tips To Become A Successful Youth

The goal of everyone in life is to be successful. We have compiled 19 actionable tips to become a successful youth. Seeing that this 21st century provides a large platform which can accommodate young people who are success oriented, therefore, this article will go a long way in helping you achieve your desired success. Truth be spoken, to be a successful youth is not bread and butter. It involves series of steps and activities. After reading this article, i will guarantee that you are the next on the list of successful youth.

Successful Youth

1) Do not forget your God: It is very paramount and important to know that God should be the number one in our daily life. Therefore, if you must succeed, you must not forget God. God is critical to our existence, therefore we must not run faster than Him.

2) Plan your life: The popular saying is that he who fails to plan, plans to fail. In life, if success must be achieved, then life must be planned. Planning help you take calculated steps. A life that is well planned cannot be distracted. Therefore, make sure you plan your life thoroughly.

3) Be focused: You must stay focused to prove that you are a tough minded and success oriented youth. After planning your life, the next thing is to stay focused to your plan. Pursue your goals with singleness of mind.

4) Work hard: Hard work on the path to success cannot be replaced by any other thing. If you plan your life without working hard, nothing will be achieved at the end. So work hard now to enjoy tomorrow.

5) Believe that nothing is impossible: There are lots of impossible things to people, but live your life as though nothing is impossible. Live your life with the “I can do” spirit. Those things that we claim they are impossible, it is still someone like us that will do them. Therefore put effort and never believe that anything is impossible for you. Mountains can still be surmounted and rivers can still be crossed.

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6) Never give up: Do you think you have tried hard and you now want to give up. Try again until you have tried again and when you have tried again then try again. The last thing you do before you give up is to try again. In that case, keep trying again and in no distant time, success will come calling.

7) Read books: Reading people are always knowing people. If you ever see a man who is intelligent, check him well he is a man that reads. Therefore, on the pathway to success, many ideas are hidden in books and it takes only a reader to unravel them. Read books but make sure you do not read anyhow books. Read success oriented books like books by Robert Kiyosaki, John Mason, Ben Carson etc.

8) Do not misuse the internet: The internet poses the highest distraction to success oriented youths. Most young people spend excess time on social media doing nothing reasonable. Think about it, what do you achieve from all those long stay on Facebook, whatsapp, instagram and others? Chatting with friends and reading timeline posts only. Too bad. If you must succeed, then make sure you make good use of the internet, else the internet will mar you.

9) Be a problem solver and solution provider: One way of been completely outstanding is by solving problems. The most relevant people in the society are those who solve problems. Remember, problem solving or providing solutions can take you to a height you never expect.

10) Be open minded: Been open minded is one important thing needed on your track to success. Be always ready to learn. Be teachable. Be positively inquisitive. But yet, mind what you allow into your heart so that you will know what controls you. You have a lot to learn and there are lots of people to teach you. Learn from your seniors. Learn from your mates. Never forget to learn from your juniors as well.

11) Congregate with successful people: To succeed, you must work with successful people. Success is transferable. If you are in the company of 19 successful people, then you will soon be the 20th person.

12) Be a standard and an example to others: Be different from others of your age bracket. Been positively different will make you outstanding. You must make sure that you are not swallowed up by the crowd. If you can be positively different, you will become an example. You will hear younger ones saying they want to be like you when they grow up.

13) Do not be limited by anything including money: There are lots of limiting factors which have made a lot of young guys to give up. But for you, refuse to be limited by anything and by anybody – not even money. Do not be among those that will keep excusing themselves because of lack of money. Don’t expect any body to dash you money, work for the money.

14) Pray always: In all your endeavors, you must pray always else, you might not achieve anything.

15) Believe in yourself: I want to tell you that you can do it. Believe in yourself. Believe you can do it and nothing will be impossible for you. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will ever believe in you. Therefore, the first thing to do in building people’s confidence in you is to first of all believe in yourself.

16) Watch reasonable movies: Reasonable movie go a long way in shaping and reshaping your life. Do not just pay attention to some useless and porn movies. If you must watch, then watch those ones that has something positive to teach you.

17) Spend wisely: Young people are known for wasteful spending. But if you must succeed, then you case must be different. Spend wisely and make sure you save a lot. Remember, you are not a big man by how much you spend, rather by how much you have. A man who does not have a car but has three million naira is richer than a man who has a car of five million naira and then has cash of fifty thousand naira. Therefore, ensure you spend wisely and prudently.

18) Be proactive: Be proactive and not reactive. Be proactive, don’t be procrastinating. The path to success cannot contain everybody, but it can contain every proactive person in it. Look forward. In fact, do not let the day dawn before you plan yourself. It is better you treat yourself today before the sickness comes tomorrow.

19) Do little things: You must learn to do little things, bearing in mind that little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. It might be little and humiliating, yet do it and collect the money. Don’t be shy. If you are shy of your girlfriend, she will still come to beg you for money and it could be your proceeds from the little thing that you will use to help her out

This are the little tips we have for you. As you journey on the pathway to becoming a successful youth, ensure that you leave no stone unturned. Be thorough and dogged. Safe journey to your destination of been a successful youth

Updated: 22 November, 2018 — 12:47 AM

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