Improving the relationship between a teacher and Students

The caption and title of this article (Improving the relationship between a teacher and Students) might appear somewhat boring. I am not ignorant of that fact. But then, since infoducation exists to serve students, we ensure we provide relevant articles across all aspects of the student’s life.

We want to make sure that our readers are fully loaded and informed through our platform so that they can become the best in almost everything they get involved into. Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected. We spend countless hours in preparing our articles and therefore, ensure that you fully digest every bit of it.

Our focus here is to provide a meaningful content that will aid teacher and students relate well. While I was I secondary school, I attended a seminar which took place fortnightly. The caption of the seminar was “school of success”. One of the days, the speaker taught on keys to success. One of the clear points he presented was, “love all your teachers”. If you do not love your teacher, you can never excel in his/her subject.

Many thought it was a joke but I had practically experienced it. Till date, I am not good in chemistry and that was because, early in my senior secondary school I hated the chemistry teacher and it followed me in that manner. I narrowly escaped and got admitted into the university.

So the question to you as a student who is desirous of success is this, “what is your relationship with your teacher”? Is there a strong teacher and students relationship existing between you and your teachers? If no, then you must try to do something

Why should you build a strong teacher and students relationship?

Let me proceed to briefly share some points why you need to build a very strong teacher and students relationship for your academic success.

1) Teachers are shareholders in your life: It may interest you to know that teachers are strong shareholders in your life. As much as your parents, spiritual leaders, friends and relations are shareholders in your life, so also are your teachers. Thus, you ought to build a very strong relationship with them. The influence of teachers have in the life of their students cannot be overemphasized.

Thus you owe a great allegiance to your teachers. Have you discovered that in most cases, parents look up to the school for their child’s upbringing? In looking up to the school, it is nothing more than looking up to your teachers to train you well. Therefore, you must strive to ensure that a teacher and students relationship exists between you and your teachers.

2) Your teachers are your other parents: In boarding schools, parents assign their children to guidance, who will help take thorough care of their children. These teachers play such roles in the absence of the parents. In most schools where students are not allowed to use phones, their guardians stands as a middlemen between the parents and their children.

Therefore, knowing that the teachers are another set of parents you can have, then you must build a strong relationship with them. Within this period, if you fall sick, it is still these teachers that will carter for your welfare.

3) Teachers are your ladder to greatness: There are many steps you need to climb before you get to the top. Nobody ever disappears and appears at the top. You must take series of calculated steps before you can successfully get to the apex. If that is your desire, then you must fully leverage on your teachers as a ladder with which you will climb to the height of you desire. Every successful person was taught. No successful person will ever say he learnt all by himself. Therefore, get close to your teachers.

4) To avoid discrimination and been neglected: Many students claim that their teachers are discriminatory in nature and hence neglect a particular group, paying attention to few. The truth is that the discriminatory factor resides in all of us but then, our relationship with people will determine if or not it will be manifested.

For example, if there are 20 students in the class and just 5 gets closer to the teacher while the remaining 15 are not, what do you expect? It is impossible for the teacher to pay equal attention to the both party. For further reading, check my article on how to overcome difficult lecturers.

5) To receive favour: There are many things every student stands to benefit from their teachers. Unfortunately, if you run far from your teacher you stand the risk of not enjoying such benefit. For example, if you have a problem with another teacher, a teacher who knows you well could stand in and mediate for you. Also, if there is a case whereby you fail a subject/course and only a few marks is needed to help you, a teacher who knows you well will not have difficulty in doing that. Therefore also ensure you build a strong rapport with your teachers.

6) Other forms of support: There are many students who do not have a very strong financial base with which their education can be funded. Many a times, the teachers come in as a helper to aid the student in offsetting such bills. If you flee from your teachers, you will not be able to enjoy such support.

Far from financial support, teachers tend to help you in your career pursuit. There are many teacher who are embodimen of business ideas, but their busy schedule might not permit them to successfully execute such ideas. If you are close to them, they could share such ideas with you and even mentor you till you get to your successful destination.

7) Future benefits: It is an established fact that life does not end here. Many of the things we do today are for tomorrow. You sow a seed today because you anticipate a bountiful harvest tomorrow. In like manner, a successful relationship with your teacher will benefit both parties in the near future. You could get recommended for something great tomorrow, courtesy of the relationship you build. Therefore, do not neglect to set up such a strong relationship.

How to build a strong teacher and students relationship

I have highlighted the benefits of a teacher and students relationship. But then, I will not stop there because there is more to it than what you stand to gain. I must not fail to list few ways of building such relationships. There are many people who are introverts and as such, might not be able to socialize so well with their teachers. Here are few practicable and trusted ways of building such relationship.

Get involved: If you must build a successful relationship with your teachers, then you must get involved. You cannot achieve this by merely observing from a far distance. You must not do it by observing from a far distance. You must not even do it by observation. It can only be achieved by been involved. You involvement will make you more noticeable. In the end, you might not be the person seeking to become his friend. Rather, he might be the one to come looking for you. You dare not underestimate the power of your involvement.

Be bold: Many people has lost great things because of shyness. If you must achieve anything, you must be bold. Building a relationship with an older person requires that you should be bold. The introvert suffers this a lot because they might not be able to speak up.

Be lively and friendly: The Bible rightly says, “He that wants to make friends must also be friendly”. You must be friendly and lively. Staying around you should never be boring. If you can do this, then building strong relationship might not be a problem.

Be brainy: In all, you must be intelligent. I think the key to your teachers’ heart is your intelligence. Naturally, teachers love students who are intelligent and as such befriends them. Therefore, to build this relationship, in this scenario will definitely not be a tough one.

Make reasonable contributions: Learn to make your own contribution while classes are going on. It will make you become closer to your teacher.

Seek attention if need be: If it seems as if you have done all these and yet, no attention is given to you. Then you can resort to do some funny things in the class or anywhere around the teacher so that you will be noticed.


As a way of concluding, let me restate what I earlier stated. The benefits of teachers on their students cannot be overemphasized. If there is no strong teacher and students relationship existing between you and your teachers, go and do something about it now.

About 20 months after my graduation, I went back to school to apologize to one of my teachers for not been close to him while in school. Indeed, it’s a regrettable act not to be close to your teachers. Therefore, start today and build a strong and lasting relationship. Life does not end here. There is a future we must look at and as such, we ought not to neglect anyone at all.


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