Types of Students You Will Always Find in an Examination Hall

The Nigeria University is a very funny one as you will see different types of students there. Most especially, in the examination hall, students tends to behave differently in a bid to pass their examinations. This post will unveil the various types of students you will find when you get into the examination hall.

1) The first seat guys: The first types of students you will find in the examination hall are the first seat guys. The first seat guys are always those who are not good at copying and do not want anybody to copy from them. This group of guys sit in the front so that the invigilator will always see them and as such, nobody will be able to copy from them. Also, they might be among those group who think that been in the front seat will make the invigilator look away from them and as such, they can do whatever they like.

2) The guys that will read a lot but forget in the examination hall: This guys will read as much as possible, but when they get to the examination hall, they tend to forget all they have read.

3) The examination sick guys: These are the ones that are always healthy but when it is time for examination, they remember to fall sick.

4) The ceiling counters: These guys will not kill me. They know they have examination but will never prepare for it. As such, when they get into the hall, the end up counting ceilings from beginning to the end of the examination.

5) The formation type: This guys have their network and they cannot do without it. Their formation is very strong and unique and if you are not a part of them, they will not allow you to sit close to them. If you check all their answer script, you will find out that they all wrote the same thing.

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6) The once that will copy everything apart from your name and registration number: These guys are not smart at all. If you ever sit with them, you will hate examination. They will copy everything apart from your name and registration number. They do not care to read what they are copying. An example was a young man who was copying from a lady in the examination hall. The lady wrote a lot on the first sheet and turned to the next. The first statement in the next sheet was “as I earlier stated”. The young guy started from that statement, without first copying what the lady stated earlier.

7) The ones that will never copy: This ones will never copy from you even if they do not know what to write. They will prefer to fail than to copy. I think this ones are the deeply religious guys.

8) The ones you can never copy from: You can never copy from these guys no matter how smart you appear to be. They will always cover their work so that you will not see their answer. Perhaps, they are also among those who never copies from anybody in the hall.

9) The bullet carriers: They can carry bullet (mgbo) for Africa. They have their way of sneaking it into the examination hall. They write it in a sheet of paper with very tiny handwriting and other format. Some of them put it in their calculator, in the socks, in their pockets and other places. Some of them snap it with their phone and bring the phone into the examination hall.

10) The ones that must collect money from you before you copy from them: This guys are serious business men. They strongly believe that nothing goes for nothing. You must pay. They will not agree that you pay them after the examination because you will surely not do that. So they will make sure that they collect their money first before you go ahead to copy. Pay before service my brother.

11) The ones that will write the wrong things for you to copy and then later write the correct one when you have finished copying: Wonders will never end. This guys can be wicked like I cannot imagine. They will intentionally write what is wrong and allow as many people that are interested as possible to copy from them. Once they have finished copying, they will then bring out another sheet and then write the correct answer. By then, you would have finished copying. You will think they are doing correction but you will not understand. No wonder when the result is out and you check it, they will pass and you will fail. You will begin to wonder what happened.

12) The beauty without brain: This ones are beautiful and handsome but their brain is full of water. They can form slay queen. You cannot approach them because you think that they are higher than you class. But unfortunately, in the examination hall, it becomes a different story entirely.

13) The big boys but copycat: These guys appears to be the biggest guys in the department. They have the cash and every other thing. But my brother, immediately they get into the examination hall, they drop their big boism just to copy. If you ask them, they will tell you that there is no big boy in the jungle.

14) Those that are born again but not in the hall: They are mostly ladies. They will preach to you about Jesus invite you to their fellowship and scare you with hell fire. Thus, you will expect them to live by examples. Since they will preach that you should trust in God for everything, you will expect them to trust in God for answers in the examination hall. But unfortunately, everybody wants to pass.

15) The first finishers: This guys will always want to be the first to finish in every examination. They think and write very fast. Most times, they do this because they do not want anybody to copy from them. If an examination is to last for 3 hours, they will spend less than 2 hours. The invigilator will then begin to hurry up others, saying that they should be fast, since someone has finished.

16) The ones that will not write anything: This guys will never write anything because they did not prepare and unfortunately, nobody want to allow them to copy. Before you know, they will just go and submit an empty answer sheet.

17) The Bible quoters: These guys may not write well, but since they do not want to fail, they will just quote one bible passage in their answer sheet to soften the heart of the lecturer marking the script.

18) The ones that will copy wrong things thinking they copied the right thing: These guys will be very happy copying from others. Ones they see someone writing, they go ahead to copy, not minding if what they are copying right or wrong.

19) The ones who are already planning to rewrite the course the next year: They know that they cannot pass. As in no amount of miracle will make them pass. So they are just imagining how to come back the next year to come and rewrite the course. But as for passing it now, it is impossible.

20) The ones who are considering sorting: My brother, these ones think that sorting is the only way out. So they are just thinking of how much they have in their account or how to raise money as soon as possible in order to sort the lecturers.

21) The machinery: The last types of students you will find in the examination hall are the machinery. They will collect money from you and come to write the examination. This is one of their means of survival in the campus and as such, they do not joke with it. But what I fail to understand is what will happen if after collecting money to write an examination for someone and the person fails the examination.

So this is my own list, use the comment box to add up your own.

Updated: 4 March, 2019 — 3:09 AM

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