What You Need To Know Before Applying For Scholarship

Kudos to those organizations, groups and individuals who see the need of giving out scholarships in order to help the lower class students gain admission and comfortably study. Scholarships are great lifter of financial burdens to undergraduates. One of the greatest mistake I made in my undergraduate years was not applying for any scholarship at all. Although to some extent, it was wise because if I had applied and was invited for the scholarship examination, I would have to transport fair to transport myself to the venue.


But the truth is that as much as possible, never miss any scholarship examination. If you are in the condition and situation of financial difficulty scholarships will bail you out. Are you a student with financial difficulty but yet you are very intelligent and brilliant? scholarships will save you a lot of stress and unnecessary thoughts. Scholarships schemes are set in place in order to enable those born without a silver spoon to benefit and have a nice, wonderful and quality education.

For example, MTN scholarships pay about ₦200,000 yearly. Wow what a whooping sum it is. This amount can pay your fees in any public institution in the country. Therefore, this money will go a long way in shaping and reshaping your life. Imagine after paying your school fee of about ₦50,000 from this money, you are left with about ₦150,000. To the wise in heart and the business inclined undergraduates, this money is enough to start up something small in the campus. Above all, daddy and mummy are able to save the money they should have use to pay your school fee in some other important things.

What shall I say and what shall I not say? Scholarships are always available at all times but, do you have what it takes to gain one. Many organizations give out scholarships on the condition that the CGPA of the applicant at the end of the first year or any year involved must be a minimum of 3.5. The standard is not actually high but rather, it is to make sure that the applicants read well in order not to waste their hard earned resources on unserious students. If you can achieve this target in your first year, then you are qualified to apply for any scholarship of your choice.

There are many websites through which you can get scholarships information from. Some of these websites include; myscholarshipportal, worldscholarshipforum, infoducation, coursesabroad etc. Therefore follow these websites and I doubt if you will miss any scholarship information.

Give it a trial, if you gain the scholarship, you will not regret it. Although you must be careful in seeking and searching for scholarships information. There are lots of dubious guys out there who use this scheme to dupe some innocent applicants. They brainwash them and collect their money. You will never see them or trace them and worst of it all is that there is nothing you can do. They print fake application forms and sell it for an amount. Sometimes, you might not see them again or even if you see them again, they keep formulating fake information. By so doing, you stand the risk of losing the money you should have used in something better. Be very careful my friend not to fall into the wrong hands.

Also, you must verify website information to accertain how true and correct they are. There are lots of hungry bloggers out there. Therefore, be careful.

Updated: 21 November, 2018 — 10:31 PM

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