Why You Should Own a Blog As A Student

In the 21st century, blogging has become one of the field where your efforts could be lucratively channeled. Every young person stands a chance to own a blog. In a bid to encourage young people to become industrious, there are various things to do with your time. Unfortunately, many people sees entrepreneurship as a game only the advanced in age can venture into. You will agree with me that the youths are the highest users of the internet. As such, such time could be channeled into some meaningful efforts.

I have carefully prepared this article in order to encourage every student to own a blog. If you have read my article titled, “Businesses you can do in the campus”, blogging was stated there. Though, I must clearly state that to own a blog is not compulsory for every student. This article serves as an encouragement to boost you interest in the blogosphere. After reading this article, your perspective on owning a blog should change. If you have been considering blogging before, this article will make you more interested in it. But if not, this article will arouse your interest. Let us proceed straight to the point.

It is cheap to start: The very first reason why every student should own a blog is because blogging is very cheap to start. If you already have your devices like, laptop and smartphone, the capital will be drastically reduced. To start a blog, get a domain name of your choice. Though I must let you know that almost every smart domain name has been taken.

To check if the domain name you are interested in is still available, visit whois.com. But if you need help on getting a nice domain name, chat me up on whatsapp via 07064635053. The price for domain names varies from company to company. But at most, with ₦5,000 you will get a .com domain name for a year and with at most ₦3,000 you will get a .ng domain name for a year. In my opinion, if you can purchase more than a year at once, the better for you.

After you have gotten a domain name, you proceed to get a hosting plan. There are different hosting plans provided by hosting companies and their rate differs.

Here are some of the hosting companies you can check up; Globalhosting247, whogohost, Hostgator, ehost, bluehost etc. But then, as a newbie, the hosting will not cost more than ₦25,000 per year. The next thing is to get a designer. Most times, wordpress provides the best platforms for bloggers. A good designer can design a blog for you for as low as ₦15,000. Better still, you can check out some YouTube tutorials and design it yourself. At most to own a blog will cost you ₦50,000. You discover that compared to some other business, this amount is relatively low. Therefore, this is the first reason why you should own a blog.

You are passionate about something: The second reason why you should own a blog is because you are passionate about something. Even as a student, your passion cannot be 100% channeled to education. There are still some other thing you are passionate about, like, religion, sports, education, jobs, entertainment, fashion, etc. You can convert your passion into a blog to help you develop more on it and also share your passion with a wider community.

Blogging Could Be Seamlessly Combined With Your Studies: If you own a blog, it does not stop you from still been very good in your studies. Blogging can be combined with your studies without creating any lapse. Every human being has the ability to multitask at one time or the other. Therefore, if you own a blog, you can still perform matchlessly in your studies.

Students’ community is very favourable: A study has shown that many businesses done in the student community are successful. This is in almost every campus, you have a community of about ₦20,000 students, compact together in a given geographical location. Therefore, if there is any good place to do business, in my opinion, the campus environment is that place. In like manner, whatever niche of blogging you want to do, you will find students who will really patronize you. If you can grow your blog in the student community, then growing it in the larger community will not be much problematic.

To have a say on the internet: No single person or company owns the internet. Anybody who own a blog owner has a say on the internet. Therefore, if you want your voice to be heard on the virtual world, have a blog. If you search for information on Google, you see many sites popping up. This means that those who owns those sites has a say. So therefore, you can also own a blog so that when people search for information, yours’ will pop up too.

To become a stakeholder on the internet: Owning a blog do not just make you have a say on the internet, it makes you become a stakeholder on the internet as well. To be a stakeholder on the internet means you have your share of the internet. As much as Google, Facebook, YouTube, amazon, Forbes and other big websites own a stake on the internet, yet if you own a blog (no matter how small), you are a stakeholder on the internet.

Added revenue source: As much as we encourage people to blog because of passion, yet your blog can generate revenue for you. As a student, I advise that you own a blog because it will give you an added revenue. At least, you will not need to call home anytime the need for money arises. This is what blogging can do for you.

It solves the problem of job hunting after graduation: It is very important to know that the labour market for Nigeria has been saturated. Therefore, if you own a blog as a student, at graduation, you might not need to go for job hunting. As a graduate in Nigeria, you will hardly get a good job with a nice pay, if you get one, you will hardly be paid more than ₦150,000 per month. But with your blog, you stand the chance of making far more than that per month. For instance, with the current exchange rate where is dollar is about ₦360, if you can make $500 per month, you will comfortably cover far more than ₦150,000 monthly. Therefore, think self-employment, think blogging.

Reach a wider community: You might be gifted in one area or the other and as such, you become very popular in your campus. With a blog, you stand to gain more popularity. I don’t mean popularity in the sense that more people will know you, but in the sense that more people will benefit from your contents and ideas. For example, I could organize a seminar in a campus and have in attendance, 5000 students and teach them why they should own a blog. But with this post, I will be able to reach far more than 100,000 people across different campuses and most importantly across many countries in the world.

To avoid the misuse of the internet: One of the challenges facing youths is the misuse of the internet. You see young people hanging around the internet doing nothing meaningful. Some waste as much as 8 meaningful hours on social media without any reasonable achievement. If you own a blog, you will be able to maximize you internet usage. You might be online for up to 12 hours, but here, it will be obvious that your internet usage will be more meaningful. Instead of spending much time on Facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. you will now be able to use these social media to achieve maximum engagement. So if you are guilty of misusing the internet, go get a blog and see the story line change.

To solve the problem of boredom, idleness and misuse of holidays: Recently, I read a post where a student said he wanted to start up a blog because he needed to handle boredom. If you own a blog, your bored and idle moments will become meaningful. You will not need to travel up and down from one uncle’s house to the other during holidays. Holidays will become useful moments for you to boom your blog. So your little blog will keep you busy anytime you feel bored, idle or like traveling.

It enhances your creativity: Blogging involves creativity. You might not know how creative you are until you put your brain to use. Remember that the more you do a particular thing, the more you become better at it. If you want to enhance your creativity, own a blog and put your gift to use. You might not know whose problem your creativity will solve.

We are in a digital era: Taking advantage of the fact that we are in a digital era, it will be nice to own a blog. Everything has gone digital today. Advertising through newspapers is gradually becoming a thing of the past because online ads makes more sense. Recruitment are done on the internet nowadays. Everything that was done manually years back are now been done on the internet. Therefore, this provides an opportunity for you to take part in this great trend.

To conclude this article, I want to encourage every student to take advantage of the blogosphere. Blogging indeed is a nice thing to do and you can do it. Try it and you will soon share your own testimony. Many students have become secret millionaires through blogging. This is to show that blogging is a very profitable business for you as a student. Also, if you know a serious blogger in your campus, you will discover that they are academically sound. Therefore, there is nothing to fear in a bid to combine your blog and your academic aspirations. Own a blog today and smile to the bank tomorrow. Happy Reading

Updated: 22 November, 2018 — 12:29 AM

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